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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My mother has a mortgage free rental property worth 200k, that she would like to gift to me. I have a rental property worth 250k. My wife has a rental property worth 350k. Our income combined with the income from these properties fall within the basic tax rate. I plan to buy further investment properties in the future, therefore created a Ltd company seems the best way forward. (If only I’d started listening to The Property Podcast when we first started investing). Is it possible for my mother to gift this property to my Ltd company? Or sell it to the company for £1 for example? Any suggestions would be much appreciated please!
  2. Hi, Has anyone ever had experience with gifting a property and the capital gains tax? Would we have to pay CGT if my dad gifted me the property that I have been living in? Thanks in advance
  3. My mother-in-law wants to gift her residential property to my partner and I, but remain living in it. The house is worth about 180k with a mortgage of about 30k. Our plan was to apply for a BtL and release the equity, gifting some back to her to enjoy, but ensuring she pays rent. I believe there are some caveats on BtL to family which would need to be considered. Are there any tax implications in gifting? My thoughts after some research were: - no IHT if she lives for >7y - no capital gains for her because it is a residential property, though we would be liable if we later sold - we would be liable for SDLT on the mortgage owed - ??income tax implications with gifts Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Hi, I was considering adding my wife to the title of a buy-to-let I have. Does anyone know the tax implications if any? If I gift here half the value is there an CGT or stamp-duty implications? We currently live overseas, and my thought process, was it was better to have her name on the title in case anything happened to me, as well as tax benefits later on if se sell the place to have cgt tax free amount in both names. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I need some advice on obtaining a mortgage as a foreigner. I've finally saved up a deposit and am ready to get the first BTL property of my (hopefully) future portfolio. After speaking to a couple of brokers however, I've come across quite a challenge. As I am not a British or European, I am being told there are no BTL mortgage products available to me. I'm a New Zealander living and working in the UK and a full time UK resident. I'm here on an ancestry visa that lasts for 5 years, of which I'm in year 4. In spring 2016 I will have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)status. Does anyone know of any lending options available to me? Residential mortgages, so I'm told, are easier to get in this situation but I don't fancy the risk of illegally letting it out considering how hard it was to get the money in the first place. What's more - are there any other options? For example, my close friend, who I do trust, is European and would happily invest with me as a partnership. However everything would need to be in his name. Then in 2016, if say we re-mortgaged and I have ILR, is it possible to add an additional to the deed/title of the property? Can it be partially or wholly gifted or something like that? Apologies for the long post and several questions at once! I really just want to think what the best strategy would be in this scenario. Or if anyone knows of brokers who actually deal with customers like me (foreign) wanting relatively low valued (circa £100k) property, I'd be forever grateful! Cheers Mat
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