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  1. Hi, I'm writing to enquire about any property finders on property hub that operate in the Midlands and North of England. We're looking for small apartment blocks close to local amenities and public transport in residential areas. Please get in touch to discuss our criteria. Kind regards, Jon
  2. Hi Everyone! I've been following Rob & Rob's podcast for a while now, and thought I would take their advice and ask for some help through the forum! My partner and I currently own a 3 bed flat in Kenilworth, which we purchased for £210k in 2017. We currently have it on the market for £250k, but have not had any offers past £230k in 6 weeks... but are now wondering whether keeping the flat and purchasing another smaller property would be the smartest move. We have £60k in cash, so could afford to buy a small house in Warwickshire for £250k (max) and rent out the flat as a buy-to-let. We both currently work full time, and don't have a property company set-up at the moment, so very much newbies to property - but are keen to get started on the ladder for the long term. I'd welcome anyone's opinion on what we should do, or the questions we need to start asking ourselves to work out what our best route is! Thanks everyone,
  3. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. Seeing as though the lockdown has started to ease and more viewings, surveys are starting to pick up pace I thought I'd post a few links to the former mill conversion properties that will be coming onto the market over the coming years. These apartments will help change the face of Stockport as a place to live and work, there has already been massive investment in the last couple of years with new infrastructure, leisure and living space and with lots more planned this is great place to look at for your long term investment plans https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/property/meadow-mill-development-for-sale-13779064.amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/historic-stockport-mill-undergo-60m-18281312.amp https://www.placenorthwest.co.uk/news/investar-reveals-65m-central-stockport-development/ I live and invest in Stockport & Tameside, if anyone needs any help in these areas I'm always happy to chat Thanks lee Lee@polarisproperty.uk www.polarisproperty.uk
  4. I will be moving to Wales in next 6 months. My plan is to stay for 4 to 5 years in Cardiff and then after that i will be moving out of UK. I am wondering if getting a mortgage in Wales would be a good idea and then letting it after 4 or 5 years? I am a first time buyer and need your kind advice as to whether issues of 1) Coverting to buy2let later would be economically feasible? 2) Would the benefits be worth the hassle of managing tenents, considering i wouldn't be in UK myself? 3) What would be more reasonable in this situation a flat or house? I know its a lot of questions, but these things are constantly on my mind and being a newbie I don't have much knowledge of mortgages etc so i would be grateful for your advice about this
  5. Hi all, This is my first post on here so please bear with me. I would consider myself a newbie in property investment but have been listening to the podcast for the past 6months or so and now I finally want to take action to invest in property but I just feel lost with the vast amount of information available. My situation is that I am 24ys old, I work in London and live with my parent with about £45k saved up. I am lucky in the sense that I can save large sum of my monthly income towards investment. My question is, what strategy would you follow if you were in my situation? I have looked into buying a residential property. Buy residential property (either an apartment or house). I am not sure at the moment but I am leaning towards a 2 or 3 bed house. My plan here would be to buy somewhere in London mainly an area with good transport link to central London. Then rent out the other room(s) to get some income which can pay towards my mortgage. I believe I would be able to afford a property up to £400,000 (since I have the 10% deposit - ~45k). This sounds like a plan but I have some concerns. I don't think I would be able to borrow enough money. For example, lets take an average property in London £400k, with 45k saved up, even with 10% deposit the money that I will be able to borrow from a lender will not cover the £400k as how much you can borrow is hheleavily depended on your income (from what I understand by researching). - My income is only £40k annually so most likely the lender will lend me around £190k (40,000*4.75). So, 190k+45k = £235k (just under half of the house price!!!) How the hell am I suppose to save up for a house like this? Do I just need to make sure I have a higher paying job. For example, if I had a job that paid me £50k instead, I would be able to borrow up to £237k (50,000*4.75) which is significantly higher. Any advice/help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Hi all, My stepbrother and I currently jointly own one buy to let property which is slowly (!) building up funds for the next deposit. We are looking at finance for our next property and there's a possibility of an investment from a family member. (They would get a percentage back on their investment each year and at the end of the 5 year fix we would buy them out, returning their original investment). We have looked at setting up the investment as a charge on the property so as to protect the investors money but lenders aren't prepared to lend on this basis. The alternative is 'gifting' the investment but that doesn't protect the investor's money. Are there any other options?? Many thanks, Alex.
  7. Hi fellow hubbers! I've been skirting around actually coming to introduce myself for a while, but am now taking the plunge. Probably like many others, I've been listening to the podcast for quite a while, and have read most of Rob D's books too. I'm currently very seriously thinking about beginning investing in property but, as of yet, haven't taken the plunge! One thing that I wanted to see if any other forum members had any experience/guidance in is passing money from an active Ltd company to another to begin funding my property investments. I 100% own a company that has a fairly substantial amount of 'excess' cash in it (circa £100-150k). My plan is to move this money into a new Ltd company as a loan, to begin investing in properties. So, I'm looking to: Create a new LTD company (e.g. Example Properties Ltd) Loan money from existing Ltd company to new company Begin investing in property In terms of the loaning to a company to separate investment activity, I stumbled across this article (on Foxy Monkey) which spurred me on to this. Specifically, this passage: Of course, the intention wouldn't be to never pay this back, however I would be looking to do this over the long-term, as they are long-term investments. As for tax of drawing from this company, I'm aware that this has the potential to really trip me up. However, that's not much of a concern for me. The reason for this is that I'm looking at keeping these funds (and money earned through investments) in the company. Over time I would look to utilise this e.g. once I've built up enough, re-investing that into developing the portfolio over time. Finally, in answer to Rob D's pointers on what to include in an intro post, I've popped these below: What you've done in property so far - Nothing other than a good amount of reading and listening to the podcast, attending a local meetup (in Manchester), and speaking to my accountant What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) - I'm looking to invest in buy-to-let's primarily and will be using a lettings management company to help manage. I live in Salford, so both very familiar and very interested in Manchester , Liverpool, and generally the North West! What your plans are for the future - Currently going through my goals, but I'm looking for a long-term play of developing a portfolio that can eventually supplement my/my future wife's income. Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from - I'm a digital marketing consultant, so fairly experienced with "helping people to make money on the internet", more than happy to help others out! Would sincerely appreciate ay pointers from others that have experienced similar or anyone who has any pointers or potential 'watch outs' with my strategy! Thanks in advance, happy hunting! :)
  8. Hi everyone, I was about to make an offer last week to a 3 bed house located in Bootle, Merseyside (the property is very close South Park) and as I don't live in Liverpool I asked a friend of mine and he basically told me that I should run away from that area, that it has a lot of bad reputation and also is not a good place to invest because of the low yield compared to other places in the city, etc, etc.. The thing is that I already visited and walked around the place during a couple of weeks, day, night and I don't see why I shouldn't be buying there, I really liked it. This is going to be my first investment and now I'm a bit scared, don't know what to do!! Has anyone bought a place in Bootle recently? Thanks!
  9. Dear all I'm new on this so I will try to explain my query as clear as possible. I would like to buy and renovate properties, maybe starting with small spaces as a studio or similar, and then to sell them again for profits. I'm thinking to do it trough my Ltd so I can invest the money directly from my ltd account (I'm the director - no employees) I got some basics questions on the above.: A- is to buy and sell properties trough my ltd legal? Even if my ltd has been settled as a consultants company. I'm a project manager working on constructions B- are the money used to buy and renovate the properties considered as expenses so they could be deducted from the turnover. C- as above, the money that the ltd will get from selling will be considered as a normal money earned by my Ltd D- Do you think would be better set up a new ltd dedicated for the activity of buy to let/sell properties? E - Any particular suggestion? I'm good to find the properties I know how to work on that and the potencial they might could have...what I missing is all the legal process, taxes etc etc Many thanks to all will spend a bit of time to answer Ciao Simone
  10. Hello All, I am looking for a mentor to help guide me as i build my property portfolio. I am looking for someone who has a substantial portfolio or who has a lot of experience in the field. At this moment in time i am going to purchase my first property investment. I would like someone who can give me advice on how to expand my portfolio and share all their knowledge with me. So i can build a good structured portfolio. If anyone is interested in doing this it would be much appreciated, please reply to this post or message me directly and i will tell you a lot more about my experience so far. Kind regards, Jay
  11. Hey, fellow Hubbers! Looking at some property in Sheffield and came across a development called The Fitzgerald by developers called Romiga East Ltd. The numbers seem to stack up really well and as this is phase 2 of the apartments, I have direct comparables for both rent and purchase prices which is great. It would be off plan with completion around October 2019. The only question I have really is about the developers, I have not heard of them, I have of course done all the normal googling and cannot find anything bad about them. Just wondering if anyone has worked with them or purchased from them before? https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08522483 https://thefitzgeraldsheffield.com/ Looking forward to what you think? Many thanks Alex
  12. I am a newbie to property investment, I don't currently own my own home (Living with parents) and want to invest in property. I currently have 40K in my savings. As far as i'm aware, I'm unlikely to be able to get a BTL mortgage as you I will need to get a residential mortgage first? I want to know whether I should get a residential mortgage on my first property then wait out 2 years before I remortgage to a BTL mortgage? Is there another way around this? My aim is to build up cash flow and my portfolio over a few years through remortgaging and releasing equity to purchase additional investment properties. Many thanks - I hope you guy can help me make my first steps into the investment world :-)
  13. Hi all – first post in and hoping I can use this platform to tap into some great minds. I have been listening to Rob(s) podcast for a while now and have been doing a lot to try and educate myself on the ins and outs of property investing for beginners. I feel like I have a learnt so much over the past year, but I have the biggest frustration of not being in a financial position ready to start my venture. I have recently purchased a house (joint mortgage with my partner) so have limited equity available to release from that. I earn a decent enough salary that I am able to put away around £8-£10k / year. That does however still leave me a few (3 minimum I would have thought) years away from having enough capital to get started. I live in West Yorkshire so I know the Leeds market inside out, I am looking to get a foothold in this rising market – most likely a renovation that I would then look to create a positive cash flow through renting out. In order to get me there quicker, I would be interested in gathering peoples thoughts on this approach? Is there something else I may be better looking at, perhaps that would require a lower amount of capital to get started with? Or looking at the problem from the other direction, a lender that is prepared to lend above the usual 75%? Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Andrew.
  14. Dear all, Has anyone used https://www.oneandonlypro.com/, they claim to have AI that provides BMV deals for property investors. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Best regards Tim
  15. Hi All, I've always been interested in the property market and have recently moved back to London from Dubai. I'm in a position where I have a £50k deposit and would like to make my first investment. I'm interested in Leeds. I was just hoping to get some advise on which specific area I should be looking at. I would preferably like to invest in an area which is popular with young professionals. I'm planning a trip to Leeds next month and have started doing some research. Could anyone who's had experience in the Leeds market give me any advise? Apologies if this has been asked before! Thanks in advance! Laurie
  16. Hi all, When people ask why I buy flats in Gateshead it's easy to point out the extremely high yields but i've also been aware of the poor capital growth. I've always hoped that investment in Newcastle would eventually cause the affluence to spill over the Tyne into Gateshead and start to push the prices up there (maybe over the next 10 years or so). Has anyone got any opinions on the likelihood of this happening? I'm conscious that I might be investing in an area where the market value remains stagnant as it has done for the last at least 5 years! All views appreciated, Jordan
  17. Hi, I had looked to same amazing properties in Manchester that I would love to invest (this is my first investment in the U.K.) but I was thinking of living there for some time before I start renting. Problem is the company selling are just looking for investor and since I’m new in the U.K. property business I was wonder if you think it’s possibel to live in this kind of properties and if this investment companies are reliable ( the developments are not built yet and they ask 25%initial deposit and the rest after completion of the development) Let me know your thoughts Thank you
  18. Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with purchases through Sand Royale? They are based in southend-on-sea. I am interested in a couple of developments in Liverpool. One being Park Central on Liverpool Waters. But i can not find much information or any sort of reviews for this company. Would be great if someone can confirm that they are a legitimate company. The develooment is due for completion in 2020. I have to pay 20% deposit now and want to make sure my deposit will be secure with them.
  19. Hey guys, I'm Tom and I live in Rugby in the west midlands. I'm new to the game and have just set out my goals. I'm looking to achieve a monthly income from profit of £2000 in the next 3 years. I'm pretty busy with work so I've set the strategy of BTL with buying low and adding value, with the intention of recycling my deposits. I haven't got a lot of capital at the moment, however I have my own home with some equity built up. My first SMART goal is to buy one property in the first 12 months, which requires me to save a certain amount and release some from my home. I'd love to hear the thoughts of anyone who has gone down this route to get started with their first investment. I'm equally as interested to hear from any investors in Rugby - good idea? It seems to have all the fundamentals. Thanks in advance! Tom
  20. Hello My name is Jamie Parker, I've been in the property industry for 7 years and have worked my way to becoming a manager at Stone & Long Nottingham. I am in a position now where I am able to make all my clients the best returns and advise them on what property is right for them. I currently provide all my clients with lists of the best properties to invest in Nottinghamshire and I am happy to attend with them on viewings to offer further advise and support through the process. I hope to buy an investment property of my own but similar to the builder that has holes in his walls at his own home, I am yet to spend the time to sit down and look at my own situation as I put my clients first. In future I would like to because a Director at the company I am currently manager for and hopefully have two investment properties under my belt in the next five years. I'm property mad so I constantly read, listen and watch things about property so there's many areas I'd say I would be knowledgeable on. If you are in Nottingham and you would like to test my knowledge please feel free and I would be happy to see how I can help you. Have a good day, Jamie.
  21. Hi, My girlfriend and I (Kirsti and Sam) have been to a sales seminar about making money from property and with a bit of research have decided not to go on their training course/sales pitch. We have however decided that we want to get into property investment for our future and to become financially free (hopefully), we have together done up a house already and have some equity in it and we enjoy the renovation side of things. Looking into some strategies we think starting off with a flip or 2 to build up our cash is the way we would like to go before getting our portfolio of properties really going, is there advice anyone could offer on the best way to get started or techniques for flipping or just general property investment as a whole. Forgot to mention we are in the Southampton area for work so ideally staying in that area would be best. We look forward to hearing from you Many thanks Kirsti and Sam
  22. Its amazing how much negativity there is at the moment amongst existing and long standing BTL investors (for negativity see propertytribes.com ) ..... I understand that tax changes have slimmed margins down. However the capital gains that most people have made and will make in the next few years if they have bought well and invested in their properties make it a lucrative market to be involved in. The property market has some way to go until it reaches the peak in this economic cycle.... London/South is dipping now for sure , however, huge infrastructure investment HS2/Cross Rail etc, strong demand from generation rent and access to cheap borrowing (even with 0.25% rise) means it is still a time to buy and invest in those areas that are seeing 5-8% year on year growth in the UK (if you don't where these places are that is your problem right there). As with any investment or business, success is about making strategic decisions and having both a growth plan and then an exit route for when the market does inevitably change over the next 5 years or so. So lets stay optimistic and be smart by focusing on creating quality places for people to live in where they can get work (outside of London/South) you will not go far wrong in the next few years.
  23. 3 major Benefits of a diversified Investment Portfolio: Minimizing the risks: If one investment performs poorly over a certain period, other investments may perform better over that same period, reducing the potential losses of your investment portfolio from concentrating all your capital under one type of investment. Capital Preservation: Not all investors are in the accumulation phase of life: Some who are close to retirement have goals oriented towards the preservation of capital, and diversification can help protect your savings. Better Returns: Sometimes investments don’t always perform as expected, by diversifying you’re not merely relying upon one source for income.
  24. Hi Everyone, I currently earn in the higher income bracket and own 1 flat in London which is my current residence. I have 195K to invest at the moment and estimate that I would have a further 200K in 2018 once I renovate my current flat and remortgage as a buy to let (at 75% LTV). My plan would be living overseas at the end of 2018 with sufficient income from BTL Investments make to be liveable but the intention would be to continue workings but doing something a little some enjoyable that the current work. The London flat would remain under my ownership and be rented but all other investments (195K and 299K) would be made through a company (SPV). Any advice on what type to property and areas would be best for me with this sort of investment captial? Is there any issues with owning properties through a SPV and not live in country? I was thinking of investing in manchester or birmingham but really i'm not bothered about any particular area other that looking for solid yields with minimal worries. M
  25. Hi I'm Laura and I'm new to the Property Hub. I've been training in property for about 18 months with my mentor (my background is in project management). I wondered if anyone had any good tips on how to find JV partners. I've been attending a lot of property and business networking events but so far haven't found anyone to work with. I've secured a piece of land using a purchase option and am currently applying for planning permission. If all goes to plan I'll need a JV partner in approximately 6 months time. Any tips anyone can provide would be much appreciated.