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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, need some advice. I own a 2 bedroom flat, with 94 years remaining on the lease. I have tentatively enquired to the freeholder to extend the lease and have been provided the attached document. I have never done this before, but taking a quick look through the attached, it suggests that i have to pay/commit an amount of money/time/effort upfront to get to a position of knowing how much it will actually cost me to extend the lease? .....and even then, it appears that i tell them what i think it should cost (based on a valuation report) and then the freeholder will decide if tha
  2. Hello all, This is my first post and it's a really tricky situation. Very interested to hear the advice and experiences of others in the community. I am looking at an opportunity on a mixed use building. There is a commercial unit below (currently run as a bar, let on a 10 year commercial lease, with 5 years remaining, £800/month rent). Above this is a residential unit (currently a 3 bedroom flat). The leasehold is for sale which incorporates the entire building (both commercial below and residential unit above) but has only 9 years remaining. I'd estimate that
  3. Hello all! I'm not sure if anyone may be able to help me on this one, I'm looking at purchasing a 2 bedroom flat with great refurb potential, excellent location etc. It's a great box ticker put it that way, apart from the one issue that there is only 97 years left on the lease. The freehold is owned by the local authorities and I would have to have owned the property for 2 years before I would be able to apply to extend the lease. When I enquired with the agent about the potential cost of extension they said at a guess it would be 8-10k (which wouldn't be an issue due
  4. Hi All, I am considering purchasing a leasehold flat which has 85 years left on the lease. Asking price is 80K with £200 service charge, article on moneysavingexpert suggests the cost will be around 8.5k to extend the lease which would be 2 years down the line. Question is would I also incur stamp duty again when extending the lease? If it does then potential looking at more like 11.5 K !!
  5. Hi all, Hope you can help with my lease extension querie I currently own a leasehold maisonette with 78 years remaining on the lease located above a shop. I have owned the lease for approximately 20 years but am now planning to rent the flat out. Does this effect my rights to extend the lease in any way? Many thanks, Martin
  6. Hi All, first time poster, long time lurker (lots of great content/discussions here). Hoping the brains trust will be able to help out. I'm looking at buying a flat with an 80 odd year lease on it. I've used online calculators and can get a feel for what a lease extension premium might cost. Is there anywhere on the public record, somewhere that tells you what other people in the recent past have paid for lease extensions on residential properties? Thus one can get a sense of what the "precedent" is in the block / similar area. From the land registry I can find the freeholder title/lea
  7. I am trying to buy a flat with share of freehold, but one of the freeholders is deceased, and the beneficiary of the estate has been non responsive to sign the transfer of title and the required lease extension. There are 3 flats so it is just one of the shares of freehold that is causing the issue. The freehold is not owned by a company unfortunately, it is owned directly by each of the freeholders. Is there a way to force this matter to a close through some sort of process as the flat is basically unsellable otherwise? Is it possible to seek an order for the remaining 2 freeholders to b
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