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  1. Hello, I am using a well known nationwide letting agent to manage one of my rental properties. I would like to end my agreement with them and manage the property myself. My contract with them requires me to give them 2 months notice. I emailed them in mid-October to give them notice. Since then they have been slow to respond to my enquiries. I would like some advice on how to proceed please. What are the usual handover steps? The things I can think of are: confirmation of the end of my contract with the letting agent; return of keys; deposit protection handover; tenants being i
  2. I have a couple of domestic residential properties that are let out and managed through a letting agency. Their monthly fee is 10% of the rent. Recently they wrote to me to inform me that they have become a VAT registered company, therefore are going to add VAT onto their fees. I checked my contract with them at it says they will charge me 10%. Not 10% + VAT. Not does it say they reserve the right to increase their fees. So my question is: can they do this? I would appreciate some advise please.
  3. Hi, does anyone invest in the Carlton are of Nottingham? If so which letting agents would you recommend for a fully managed solution? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I am currently opening a brand new lettings agency in Brighton and I wanted to see what it really is that makes a good agent for you. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and value. What is it that has made you stay with you current agency, or leave one that wasn't up to par? Really appreciate any feedback. Soph
  5. Looking to be more hands on with property and am expanding into our no2 and 3 BTLs. Previous agent we liked but was very arms length in terms of management, the trades people instructed were not great and it often took a long time for call outs etc. off the back of a refurb we have some good contacts now for trades and handymen. Does anyone on here use open rent or used open rent previously?? thanks
  6. I'm looking to purchase a buy-to-let in Edinburgh and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good, reliable letting agents, ideally who focus on central/south Edinburgh, residential/flats? Thanks
  7. Hello all, Has anyone got a solid recommendation for a letting and property management agent in Liverpool please? I have a one bed apartment in the city centre. It's a new build and my contract is up with the current agent in one month (it was part of a guaranteed income scheme for 12 months). They don't appear overly professional. They are still haven't confirmed their fees yet which has given me alarm bells. I've been doing some research online (from a v good article here on Property Hub) but there's so many options, I don't know where to begin! Any help would be ap
  8. Hello community! When calculating returns on single lets agency fees can be quite hefty for finding tenants, renewing tenancies, taking inventories etc. What’s your view on moving to monthly rolling contracts for a period of time vs. renewing tenancies annually and trying to negotiate rent increases? Interested to weigh up the cost of renewing tenancies vs incremental rent achieved and keen to get the community view! My bias is towards longer term tenancies. Thanks in advance for any feedback :-)
  9. So I purchased a new build flat in 2018 where the freeholder agreed to the use of the flats as 'rent to serviced accommodation' (i.e. subletting by the tenant permitted). As such, my letting agent found me a tenant who offered a 5yr 'guaranteed rent' in exchange for using the flat as a serviced accommodation.Fast forward 1yr later and the freehold has been sold to a new company who flat out prohibit subletting of any sort. Therefore notice has been served on my tenant.I've emailed my lettings agent to part ways as they have not found a replacement tenant or been very proactive/communicative at
  10. Hi Hubbers, First post on here so please go easy on me I'm 27 (no major commitments) and have £30k to start building a portfolio of rental properties... I'm currently looking to buy my first BTL property around Leicester / Wolverhampton, so thought it would be great to hear everyone's opinion on sourcing good yield properties (+8%). I'm not too worried on what type of property / location, etc. as long as it's not HMOs (I want to keep risks relatively low and be hands-off where possible). Additionally, if anyone's got any particular experience with great property lawyers and le
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has got any advice for starting your own letting agency to manage your own buy to let properties. Rather than paying another letting agency to do the work I could do myself. This could also reduce my income through the buy to let business thus reducing tax as I would pay from the buy to let business to the letting agent business. If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi guys I will be needing the services of a company to manage a future property in Glasgow. Does anyone have experience with any of the companies there and who I should contact (and also those I should avoid). Much appreciated! Cheers, Andy
  13. Hi guys, at the risk of sounding like an idealist- does anybody know of any letting agents that offer individual property management services on a piece-meal basis, as opposed to the full suite? For example ONLY tenant vetting or ONLY marketing. It seems as though its all or nothing with most of the agents…
  14. Hi I‘m looking for a letting agent for a full management service of a 2 bed flat in Plymouth. Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences with agents in the area? It’s my only rental property as I’m a newbie. I bought with tenants in situ so was managing it myself, but they’re about to move out. I’m not local so I’d rather use someone than do it myself. Or an anyone recommend a national agency? Thanks for any help
  15. Can anyone recommend a good letting agent in Leeds? I have a couple of flats in LS10 that will be ready to let in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!
  16. Hmmm, I don't know how I've managed to be a landlord for over a decade without coming across this before, but.... For the first time, I have a flat that's been vacant for a month, and no one's expressed an interest in moving in yet. The agent hasn't had many enquiries, and I got a bit worried. Obviously, a month isn't very long, but I went to look at the flat (which I've not been in since I purchased it a year ago) and all looks good. I went onto Rightmove and looked at comparable properties to see if there was anything I could resolve that'd help the flat's appeal an
  17. Hi All I have a purpose built 2 bed flat on the Gateshead quayside that I've been self-managing whilst letting to friends for the past 2 years. They're moving out and I'm looking for a letting agent to fully manage the property for me, does anyone have any good experience/recommendations for good letting agents in the Newcastle/Gateshead area? Thanks in advance for any help! Tim
  18. Hi all A quick summary of what I am doing: buying a BTL under 450K in clapham and hoping for some future growth ( long term investment) I live overseas and so need a managing agent. I have 2 questions (for now) 1. Could anyone recommend a managing agent or not recommend for that matter? - oddly I can't find reviews on managing agents which seems rather odd as almost everything these days is reviewed 2. If i am buying a stock standard flat that has no apparent issues would most of you get a property surveyor to take a look?
  19. Dear All, I hope you are keeping well. Newbie investor seeking out a recommendation for a letting agent to use for a single let BTL in Reading. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks, RT.
  20. I am about to get my first BTL in Doncaster. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any good Letting Agents in the Doncaster area?
  21. Hi everyone I'm looking for a recommendation for a letting agent in London (SW London to be precise) that are good and charge reasonably. Foxtons are an eye gouging 18% and I'm not sure on quality. Any recommendations? Thanks! Kellie
  22. Hi Guys Been following the podcast for a little while now, also have the 100 Property Investment Tips book - it's about time I joined the conversation! I work as a student & HMO letting agent in Nottinghamshire - currently I'm not investing but plan to do so in the near future. With experience in dealing with students, HMO properties, property management, property sourcing and rent to rent options; it would be great to provide any help I can to investors so we may share, learn and grow as a team! I aim to be an active investor in the East Midlands within the next 18 months
  23. Hi, I have a two bed flat with a very happy LHA tenant in situ. Unfortunately the managing agent is proving to be increasingly unsatisfactory. I would like to self manage, which I have done in the past, but I haven't had any dealings with LHA bodies before. Can anyone offer any advice on how to efficiently dispense with the services of the current letting agent, and what I would need to do to ensure the payments are made directly to me? The tenant is as frustrated with the poor service of the agent as I am, and is happy to go down this route, as long her tenancy isn't jeopardised. She
  24. Hi all, I live overseas and I'm looking to get a buy to let property in the UK. I will be a property investor, rather than landlord and will therefore employ a letting agent. I've done some research inline, but I think a lot of it would come down to who would be managing the property locally. As I can't meet them face to face it will be more difficult to make a decision, so my questions on the phone to them will be key to my assessment. Does anyone have any suggestions on great questions to ask to try and find out their approach and level of service I would receive? My initial thoughts
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