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Found 8 results

  1. Hi - can anyone recommend a good letting agency (or who to avoid) to fully manage a house in Swindon, have called a few out but all have hidden charges just want a reputable outfit with with straightforward pricing and not a tariff of extras and stealth fees??? thanks Robert
  2. Hi guys, at the risk of sounding like an idealist- does anybody know of any letting agents that offer individual property management services on a piece-meal basis, as opposed to the full suite? For example ONLY tenant vetting or ONLY marketing. It seems as though its all or nothing with most of the agents…
  3. Evening all Im looking to make some new contacts in the letting agents world. Ive got someone in the role but im hoping to get to know other agents who may have good contacts in the trades. Earlier this year I had some very bad work done which caused me to loose confidence in the agents recommended trades men. If anyone can share or discuss a contact id appreciate the help. Jay
  4. Hi all, I'd love to hear your experiences and advice. I have six BTL properties, four in different parts of London and two in Liverpool. They are all managed by estate agents. I find dealing with different agents for all the properties a nightmare, different systems, difficulty building decent relationships with the agents, etc. I've tried using one agent for all four properties in London but that's difficult as one company doesn't have a physical shop in each location. This makes last minute viewings difficult plus one of my (dream) tenants saw the property in the estate agent windows and went in to enquire. Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? Thanks in advance.
  5. So I received this email from Connells the other day. "Dear Landlord RE: Legionella Risk Assessments are now required in rented properties. We would like to draw your attention to recent changes in Health and Safety legislation concerning Legionella. The Health and Safety Executive have published both a Code of Practice and Technical guidance on Legionnaires’ disease, which now brings rented domestic properties into the regulations. This means that as a Landlord of rented properties you now have a legal responsibility for carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment in order to meet the requirements of this code of practice. In the event of a Legionella incident, this Risk Assessment will provide evidence that you have complied with the HSE recommendations." Those are the first paragraphs and the rest of the email then goes on to explain how they can get it done for £150. What they failed to say is this... "Health and Safety law does not require landlords to produce a ‘Legionnaires testing certificate'. Legionella testing is required only in exceptional circumstances and generally not in domestic hot and cold water systems. Such letting agents and consultants are scaremongering landlords, for financial gain, by misinterpreting and exaggerating the legal requirements to manage and control legionella in domestic premises." That was taken from the NLA website, warning about letting agents scaremongering landlords into paying for this when in most cases it is not required. I was wondering if any other landlords have been getting these emails etc? I plan to respond to Connells asking them to clarify their position on this.
  6. Hi, I hope you are all well today. I am very new to the property hub and would be very grateful for a bit of advice, if someone has the time please. I have a property that has recently come up for annual renewal, and the tenants wanted to stay again for another year, this will be their third year. Having paid the full amount of fees to the letting agent for the first 2 years, I asked them for a 2% reduction of this years renewal fees. Any new lets would go back to the original fee agreed. However, they declined and would not offer me the discount, which was disappointing as I have been with them for about 6 years. So instead of giving the tenants notice, as this would have been around Christmas time, and instead of renewing for 12 months as the tenants wanted to, I requested that an extension of only 6 months be carried out. I would like to write to the tenants giving them a reason for my decision not to extend for 12 months, but I am unsure as to whether to include details of my request for discount to the letting agent, and their subsequent refusal. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Kind Regards Harvey
  7. Hello, Can anyone recommend a good letting agent in Edinburgh who deal with letting HMOs to students? Thanks! Fiona
  8. Hi Everyone Does anyone have any experience of using letting agents in Ely (Cambridgeshire) to manage your property? I would be very interested in any recommendations or thoughts (good and bad). Thanks! Fiona
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