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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am hoping for some feedback/guidance/advice on a strategy to pass a portfolio of mortgaged properties to my daughter in the future, who is currently two years old. The idea is to build up a portfolio of properties that my wife and I will use to fund our retirement (15-20 years away sadly), but of course would want these to be passed to my daughter with the minimum amount of tax payable. The plan is to set up a Ltd company and have multiple share classes, A class - management/voting, B class - asset ownership only, C class - rights to revenue/dividends. I've read that i can slowly gift the B class shares to my daughter, and assuming (and hoping) i live seven years after that, avoid any inheritance tax but also use "holdover relief" to avoid any capital gains, as i understand the gain is then passed to my daughter and is only payable if she sells the properties. So would it be best to start gifting shares to my daughter sooner rather than later, before the company has any real value (can a minor own shares in a limited company?) and generally speaking, does this sound like a viable strategy? Any guidance and direction on anything i have likely missed would be great! Thanks
  2. Hello. I have taken the Property Hub course on Tax's, where it was explained that if you do not want to live off the rental income and you just want to recycle your money straight back into the property, then buying in a limited company is the best was to save. It was shown that corporation tax is lower than income tax (depending on what tax brackets you are in, it can be 21% less), however, a dividend tax is payable if you wanted to withdraw from the company. My question is if I do want to live off my rental income, is there any point looking into buying in a limited company. Very interested in hearing peoples thoughts. Best regards, Alex
  3. Hello all, I'm looking to buy a BTL but unsure on whether I NEED to buy within limited company or not. I'm just below the HRT tax band currently but another property will put me into the HRT tax band, and therefore i have been thinking to buy within a Ltd company. However, I'm aware that making a pension contribution would extend the tax band. Therefore, if my assumption is right, surely this would be a quick and easy way of mitigating the HRT that would otherwise apply? I can't see this being covered anywhere so i would be most grateful if someone here with experience could enlighten us. Many thanks
  4. Hi all, I intend to set up a limited company to hold btl properties, I don't intend to draw a salary from this SPV any time soon. To seed the SPV, I was planning to make an inter-company loan from my current trading ltd company to the new property company which I assumed from research was the best option. However my accountant advises the most tax efficient approach will be the property company holds shares and receives dividends as a source of funding from my trading company. When looking into this, I have seen where people set up a holding companies where both property co and trading co are subsidiaries and some other combinations. I am hoping you can share your experiences with me please as I am really not sure which is the best approach. Thank you
  5. Hi everyone, My two brothers and I are looking at investing in quite a residential property. We have started a limited company as have been advised this is best for tax purposes for us. One brother already owns a house already. Will this affect the bracket of stamp duty when buying through the company? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards Will
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