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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I’m currently looking at Bridlington as a potential investment area, simply from a cashflow perspective. Like most seaside towns, I’m aware that it may have issues with employments and drugs but putting those aside, I’d love to hear from someone that has either invested in Bridlington or perhaps has lived there or in the proximity previously. I live down South in Brighton and I’ve never even been to Bridlington, so I of course have quite a bit of research to do myself, but before delving deep into it, I just wanted to see if there was any advice on here. I’m currently looking at self contained flats around the harbour and the yield is very impressive, however, it won’t be that impressive if the properties sit empty or if I have bad tenants! Doing some very casual armchair research I can see that the demand on spare room etc is relatively good and the properties that I’m looking at already have long term tenants. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your time. James
  2. So on the recent ask Rob & Rob episode 246, Chris asked how to get local knowledge without having to look into every single street to work out the best streets to invest in, or to visit every estate agent asking them which streets are better than others. Of course streets can vary massively even within a few hundred yards as one Rob said, and they suggested speaking to other investors in the area etc. The question I have is how does one actually go about developing this local knowledge from your desktop, so that when you go to speak to estate agents and other investors in your chosen city, their tips serve to reinforce the knowledge you've already discovered, rather than going in blind and having to trust everything they're telling you without doing your own research? Is it just a case of jumping on Google maps street view to get a sense of where the best types of properties are that suit your strategy? Are there other ways that you've developed this knowledge online before you started exploring your investment city in person? Thanks so much for any ideas!
  3. Hi I'd like to target motivated landlords in a particular area of London. What is the best way to advertise? I'm considering to put an advert in a local paper, but don't know which is most likely to be read by local landlords in that area. I don't really want to advertise nationally or city wide. I'd like to work within a set number of boroughs in London. Any advise is much appreciated. Kind regards
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