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Found 5 results

  1. I’m a newbie landloard and just let my first BTL. The property is let by a young family and both parents running their own independent businesses. They have been living in the property about 5 weeks now and seem to be looking after the house inside but have not cut the grass once since they moved in. I’ve supplied them with a brand new, good quality electric law mower. Garden is a very attractive space as it was landscaped and new turf was laid before they moved in. I believe it was one selling point for the family. Husband even noted how he is looking forward to cutting the gr
  2. Hi all im new to this and looking at our 1st BTL investment. It's a 2 bed Maisonette, at £145000 in Devon. The maintainer charge a year is £1331, and that seems really steep. What does everuone else think? Or any advise on what questions I should raise about that? thanks in advance Nesh
  3. Good evening! I am looking to get breakdown cover for my BTL flat. I was just wondering if anyone can make a recommendation. I've found a few different companies that offer a similar service - British Gas Home Care, Home Serve, 24/7 Home Rescue and Corgi Home Plan. I saw a review on Home Serve that was very negative (although it was written in 2010) which said Home Serve will only fix issues which are deemed to be an emergency. It then said that Home Serve will try to argue that any issue you report to them is not an emergency and will not help you. Doe
  4. Hello, Regarding leasehold flats there are two systems: RTM by the leaseholders themselves, or by a company; or management by the building owner. I note that in the case of RTM that leaseholders still pay fees; although they may be able to negotiate better and cheaper services, but then they may not. I am wondering if those involved in a RTM scheme are any better off compared with those outside of such a scheme. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm new to property hub, but not new to the podcast, which I love and listen to avidly :-) I just bought a flat in Liverpool City Centre, which was quickly tenanted. But apparently there's no hot water. I live in Kent and need someone I can call on on an ad hoc basis. Landlord Solutions have been brilliant, but they are very busy, and normally assist letting agents rather than private landlords directly. I'm reluctant to have the property managed by a letting agent, not least because I'm only just covering the mortgage with rent. Can anyone recommend someone who can have a look
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