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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have just started out on my first business venture with a friend of 7 years, we have currently set up a limited company which will house our property portfolio and are in the middle of purchasing our first 2 properties one in Sheffield and the other in Doncaster. Our short term goals at the moment are to be able to focus on this as a full time career and leave our current jobs. We both have a fair bit of experience in construction so hoping this should help us on our way. Any tips would be appreciated and anyone investing in these areas please feel free to get in contact.
  2. Hello everyone and hi Propertyhub Well this feels nice :0) After reading so many intros and listening to a few podcasts on loop the last couple of days (not going down so well in the household), here I am with my humble intro, though hopefully the first of many big steps to come We bought our first house with my wife in 2011 - a 2 bed bungalow in a good part of Woking (great London commuter town) with the view of extending it at a later date. A small, ranch-like semi detached 1920s house with a decent garden. In 2013 we bought our first 2-bed BTL in
  3. Morning Everybody Been listening to the podcast for as long as I can remember, and looking forward to soaking up all the free knowledge, and getting to know everybody. I live in Sale with my Wife and Son, with a new arrival due in April. I have been interested in property for the last 10 years when myself and the wife renovated our first residential property. Since then we have moved twice and re-invested profit into serviced accommodation, renovating a barn in north Wales. I decided to sell my IT company last year, and ever since then I have wanted to get into property, s
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I've been in property for 7 or 8 years now and have five 3-bed houses in Hampshire (where I'm based) that are up and running. I also recently bought a couple of flats off-plan in other locations to spread things out a little. I work full-time so find it hard to commit the time to researching and finding deals (I spend far too much time on Zoopla when I should be working:)) I'd be interested to hear what others do in my situation and how people go about finding the right properties when they can't spend as much time as they'd like on bu
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Caroline. I'm 49, was born and lived most of my life in south London or Surrey and now living in Cheam, near Sutton. My parents are from Malta. I started my property journey last year investing in the North West (good yields). In the future we are looking to move to Devon so interested in potentially investing in holiday lets in Cornwall and Devon. We also love watching Homes under the Hammer so wondering if a property refurbishment is possible. I am a project manager so those skills should come in handy should we decide on a refurbishment project. I am
  6. Hi everyone Having recently sold my business I have now moved to the Cotswolds ! Although I presently have two commercial property lets which provide a nice income I have a reasonable amount of capital from the sale of the business that I would like to reinvest to create capital growth and if possible an increased passive income I am therefore wanting to learn as much as I can about property investment and all the various strategies that are out there. I am also open to other business opportunities and joint ventures Looking forward to learning and contributing over the coming years
  7. Hi All, Brand new to this forum and as yet a property investor virgin. But need to get started mainly as a pension pot and hopefully can turn it into a full time income. All the best to one and all here. Looking forward to enjoying my time here. Best regards Richard
  8. Hi, Rob here, the Street Dancing Property Investor (that creates some image!) I am new to property investing. Living as in Eastbourne, and looking to get a first home for me and my wife. The move will enable us to save more money and then invest further. Loving the podcasts and learning a lot, although still at the beginning, just about getting all the terminology - HMO, LHA Yield etc - Thats how beginner I am We are not at the point where we can go full throttle into investing, however in the next year after learning bits on here and in books we will have enough saved for our se
  9. Hi all, This is my first post on the site. I have just set up a company to embrace the world of property and came across this forum/site after buying and reading through '100 Property Investment Tips'. I have some limited experience in managing properties, however it has always been for someone else previously - so i am looking forward to getting started up and running myself. The education curve so far has been rather steep - I am begining to realise there is a lot of red tape involved in most things. I look forward to sharing experiences and advice with the people on here
  10. Morning Folks. Yet another New Member to the forum. I would describe myself as a "Gamekeeper turned Poacher" having worked as a "Creative" [in a positive way that is before you have other thoughts] Commercial Lender for one of the Big Four Banks I now find myself on the other side of the fence having taking Retirement in 2014. I've always been interested in Property - Development / Investing / Adding Value to etc. I'm keen to learn a whole load more about Sourcing BMV Property & also finding a Trustworthy local General Builder with a view to Joint Venture opportunities. He
  11. Hi to all members, I am Kevin from Kent and I am a total novice to property investing. I have always wanted to invest but thought it might not be feasible with day job (self employed), raising deposits, refurbing (DIY not my strength ), managing tenants, etc.. but having read Rob Dix' ,book, I now feel that it is all very possible and I am now looking at building a portfolio by freeing up equity in my residential property as I have been lucky enough to have totally paid that off, so feel that now is a great time to use the equity as investment capital and leverage to full effect. I
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