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  1. Hello, I was looking to get some, advice from anyone about the property business. I am very new to property and don't know much about it or where to start, however I do have a growing interest in it. Open to any advice or suggests that you may have. Many thanks
  2. Hello All, First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Moe and I currently work in IT , IT was a hobby turned into a profession, however this can change when you no longer do what you are passionate about but what you are told to do. Fortunately I found property and fell in love with property and different ideas or income generating streams that property can provide while helping people and being your own boss. I Currently have 1 property paid off (I know its not right thing to do) but this is a security for the girls in my family in the event of a disaster, I currently let it out for passive income and one i currently live in which has a nice little bit of equity. I live in Glasgow so ideally will be investing here, The more I learn the less certain of the strategy I want to follow but I will stick to my original plan that is to FLIP or BRRRR depending on the circumstances, I do have some refurb skills and know of people who are very handy who can help in refurbs at much lower costs. In terms of skill sets, I might not be the best in property yet but I will strive to learn as I go long, I do have IT technical skills that might be very useful in the property industry for automation or cloud services. I am also a gym fitness bunny, Fitness is my longest passion (16+ years) I am in my early 30s so if my skill sets above can be offset to some of yours then please don't be shy. Also moving forward, If you ever notice bad grammar go easy on me and please correct me English is my 4th language but slowly becoming my first if that make sense, if you don't use it you loose it.
  3. Hello, I just bought a house and it is next to a busy junction. I hate it as there is a constant traffic noise, reversing on the busy road is very difficult, people visiting can not park on the road as there is no on-street parking being next to junction. I spoke with my lender and I can not sell the house for 6 months. I don't even want to live there. I paid a lot of money in stamp duty. I am not sure what to do. Could you suggest some advice, please? I bought a house where I can not even live and it is just going to eat a lot in my mortgage repayment. I can't sell the house for 6 months and not sure if I will get the buyer paying same or more money to cover price paid and stamp duty. The house is old and has all old systems I want to get a couple of lodgers but in this state no one will rent it as well. If I spend some money on this then this is another waste of money on something I don't want it. Could you please suggest how can I get out of this situation and prevent any loss?
  4. Hi, My name is Stuart and new to the forum. My first dealings with property began in 2007 when I bought my first property at the age of 23. With advice of a financial advisor to stay clear of this purchase, I went ahead anyway because I just wanted to get in and live a party lifestyle. Looking back, I was so naive, but now I can relate the concepts of where and why I failed to help make better decisions for the future in regards to property. I purchased a steel framed 3 bedroom end terrace for £93k which was ex council but had been decorated to a nice standard. The failures I now realise in that purchase was it happened at the winners curse, on a 95% mortgage with a stupidly high interest rate. Oh and did I mention steel frame? An absolute shambles. My only saving grace was the crash in 2008/09, that after my fix term, my payments went from £500 pm to £314 pm. This sounds great but because I was so quick to get into the property at the start, I just signed the paperwork and didn't worry about the term which was set at 40 years to begin with. Totally mis-sold as I walked into Halifax and back out with a ball and chain of a deal by Birmingham Midshires. Anyway for the last 6 years it has been renting for £500-£595 pm covering the mortgage payment on a consent to let since I work a way being in the forces. At present, I also own my 2 bed home, which has had value added through rendering, new roof, interior decoration etc. After listening to the podcasts and reading books I now want to rent this as a means of producing more income when I finish a 22 year career as an aircraft engineer. Not interested in buying the big house or luxury car, but want something to give me the financial freedom of doing what I enjoy more. My desire has faded from engineering even though I am halfway through an engineering degree as a means of back up. My real passion is now in property and understanding how the world economy and debt really works including debt cycles. I have also managed delayed gratification for the last year and started to save much more money. My goal is to invest in my home village in the area of Fife due to the expansion of new homes and commercial units going in, plus it gives me the chance to manage it all myself as in dealing with people directly. The plan is to work for the next 3 years and receive my full service pension and find the right strategy to go limited or retain the right amount of properties in my personal name to give the passive income needed. My background is aircraft engineering, private pilot flying and reading or listening to everything from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill and off course Property Hub. Just can't get enough of continuing personal development and spreading the word to the people around me. Hopefully this is the start of something new, acting on the desire of getting into property full time and sharing information with like minded members. Cheers
  5. Hi there, I am a Civil Engineer working and living in Edinburgh where I have lived my whole life. I graduated and have been working for a couple of years now whilst saving some money. I have now reached a point where I could buy a property to live in although the preferable areas are quite expensive especially for a first time buyer in Edinburgh. I have looked at other methods of investing but property is a sensible long term plan, seeing as I am only 25. The aim would be to have a property that could be let out whilst I rent somewhere else and save to reinvest. This may also be beneficial as I might move abroad for a year or so in the future. As you can tell I have no experience in property but would like to invest somewhere nearby (to begin with at least). I have been making my way through the pod casts although still have a few more to go but so far they have helped me to gain a better understanding of what is involved and whether or not I should pursue it. As some of my questions get answered others arise but hopefully these will be answered in coming episodes. My current barrier is ‘building a team’ as this is a little daunting with no experience. I have more questions regarding mortgages (85-90% LTV - £140K loan) and options in terms of living in a property and being able to convert that to a BTL (max 75% LTV - £100K loan) but can post any questions in the forum section. My plans for the future... Well as is said in one of the podcasts, dream big so that’s what I’m doing especially as I still have time on my hands. In the short term I hope to start in the coming months otherwise I feel as though I am wasting time doing nothing. If anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement or general pointers and tips then that would be great. Cheers Mikey
  6. Hi My name is Marie and I am new to investing and buying property. It is actually a scary thing but wanting and willing to take the jump. I feel quite old as I am seeing lots of really young people starting their journey. I have never owned a property and neither has my partner so everything is new. We have a broker that we have found and a solicitor that seems really good and my husband is an accountant, so I think we are set. We have some areas (further north) that we are looking at but we are unfamiliar with them as we are both Londoners. So any advice about areas to stay clear off would be very helpful.
  7. Hello all! My partner and I are really keen to get started with building a property portfolio of Buy-to-Lets and HMOs. We have been doing a lot of research over the last 9 months and have begun saving some cash to get us started. I have around £6000 in a Lifetime ISA (and growing by the month) and we are trying to come up with our strategy for the next 5-10 years to create a property portfolio. Our aim is to be able to either quit our jobs, or be in a position where we can work/volunteer in an area that we are passionate about without having to worry about the salary. We do not have much knowledge or experience at this stage, we are just learning as much as we can from online resources like this amazing site. Our starting position isn't great and we know it's going to take a lot of time and hard work, but we're committed to making it happen. If anyone has any advice on a possibly strategy or tips on how to get started they would be hugely appreciated! Thank you Sarah
  8. Please can someone help! I am in the process of buying my first property through my new ltd company. My guess is it will complete in 6 weeks or so. It is a 3 bed property that will be a single let. The property is perfectly habitable now and could easily be rented out as it is, however I want to do a fairly big refurb. E.g. replacing the kitchen and bathroom, new carpets, redecorate etc. This will mostly be a like-for-like refurb and I don't think the majority of it will count as a capital expense. If I do this work before I first put tenants in, am I right in understanding that I cannot claim this work as an expense as it involves getting the property ready to be let. However if I put tenants in first, then when they leave I decide to do the refurb, I now could claim this as an expense as the "rental business" would have already started. Have I got that right? My big question is... *What is the minimum period of time I would have to have a tenant in my property before I could class any replacement refurb work as a revenue expense?* If I rent the property out on a 1 week AST, then do a big refurb, clearly this will turn some heads with HMRC. So what is the magic number? 1 month? 6 months? I hope I can get some wise responses on this. Many thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Bob, and i'm from Leeds currently working as a Prosthetist (artificial limbs). I'm 33 and for the last 6 months I have been researching property investment as a way to one day reduce my hours at work or even leave work all together as well and building assets for the future. I'm gutted that it has taken me 33 years to learn about the concepts of storing wealth and investing, but i am now doing everything can to achieve my goals. After recently buying my first home with all my savings, i am having to start from scratch to build up a deposit for my first buy to let. I think it will take me between 1 and 2 years, so in the meantime I am trying to listen to every episode of The Property Podcast, watching Youtube videos and reading everything i can on the area. So far i've read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', 'The Richest Man in Babylon' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. I plan to read Rob's books next. I have done my Property Dreamline and my property goals are: 2 years - Buy first property. One that could be used as a standard Buy To Let or Serviced Accommodation. Aim to buy BMV or add value and then recycle the deposit. 5 years - Net income from property of £1500. 10 years - Net income of £5000. (I should say I have a partner who i will be investing with) I wanted to post this not only as a way to introduce myself, but so I can be accountable, and I also wondered what people thought of my plan? Is it reasonable? Thanks to all in advance and especially to Rob and Rob for a great, down to earth Podcast. Bob
  10. Hi Everyone, Im about to ask a question that i'm sure is posted on here on a daily basis but no matter how many pods i listen too or how many articles i read i find my head spinning and unable to make a decision.... maybe i'm suffering from analysis paralysis? The Facts: Im 25 and own my own house (with a mortgage) i have £35,000 ready to invest and could potentialy take some more equity out of my current home if i needed to about another £15K. I Live in Portsmouth and i know everyones stats and saying my area is probably the worst place to invest for capital growth right now. In an ideal world I want to by distressed property add value and Re finance / let out to try and build up to 2 BTL in 2 years but i am time poor and will be looking to get someone to do the work for me. I know if invest in an area away from me such as greater Manchester or Nottingham i would have better capital growth but the thought of investing far away stresses me out and if i'm honest scares me so i would like to invest locally in Portsmouth where i can be closer to the action and possible self manage. Should i be braver and invest further away or is there still room for some growth and opportunity locally in Portsmouth? im thinking the slow market may give me a chance to pick up a bargain in my area and give me the room for capital growth that way? has anyone on here started in a similar position to me and can you give me any advice? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm just getting started on my property adventure and I need a bit of advice regarding joint ventures. I have time to work; find motivated sellers and identify good investment opportunities and deals, however I don't have any funds for deposits (a story I'm sure you've all heard many times before). I am saving however it will be at least 18 - 24 months before I can consider putting up a deposit of my own for a BTL mortgage. I can look to borrow a deposit from family, and I may still do this, however I like the idea of a joint venture with a property investor with some experience that I can learn from as well as to use their money as seed capital. Therefore my current plan is to continue to learn as much as I can and continue to network at property investors meetings in my local area and in London with the aim of building up a strong network of contacts. I will then search for and identify good investment opportunities and share them with some of the experienced contacts I have made through networking, offering them the opportunity as a joint venture with myself. I am very aware that as part of a joint venture I must bring something to the table, and as I don't have the cash for a deposit, I will bring the investment opportunity and my own hard work. The question I have is this: Is this an attractive scenario for an experienced property investor? Will anyone be interested in working with me if I provide the investment opportunity and expect them to provide the capital and some advice, assuming the deal generates good returns for the both of us? Or will I struggle to find anybody interested in working with me because of my lack of capital and lack of experience despite me having identified a good opportunity? Thanks for the advice, Steve
  12. Hello, my name is Ashley and I am 23 year olds. I purchased my first property 2 years ago it was to live in but was in need of a full refurb. Literary the full works, so before moving in I hired a few builders and a year later moved in... new electrics, fibre glass roofs, kitchen, converted from 2 too a 3 bedroom, two new bathrooms, new garden fencing and done lots of painting. I purchased for 54k and spent around 22k and recently had it valued between 100-110 but the estate agent advised it would be a quick sale at 95k. So I have really made a minimum of 19k and maybe more. Here is the bit I am struggling with: over the last year I have been learning as much as i can about property investing and I would like to do a few flips and then eventually buy to let on some houses in a few years after doing the initial flips. Question is I now want to move house but j would like to sell my house (lots of equity in there) And rent somewhere for atleast 6 months to 12 months while I wait for the right house to pop up on the market for myself to live in. It will be similar value to my house now so plan would be once and after I buy that house I would then still have equity to use on a cheaper house to fix up and sell. Question: Will I be taxed on the money I get from the house after paying off my morgage (48k left) Or will I get away without paying any tax, it's never been let out, the house was empty for just under a year whilst I was returning it but please could someone help as this question is stopping me planning? (Also got my partner is due next week with my second child so want a plan in place before all gets hectic haha) (I am a busy bee but love it) Thanks in advance
  13. Hello All, I'm very excited to be here after having discovered the Property Podcast a month ago - since then I’ve been hooked! So thank you very much to Rob and Rob for the education and entertainment. Hopefully you guys can help me get off on the correct path: My goal: to build a portfolio of professional lets over the next 20 years that will generate a net income of £3k a month (plus inflation) My situation: - I own and live in a house in Cambridgeshire - Luckily I have just a touch over £100k in equity that I could currently release in order to invest in a BTL property to get my ‘portfolio' rolling - I do not have an excess of time so I’m really looking for ‘hands-off' investing and management through managed professional lets I’d really appreciate advice on the following: - Given my goals and as a high rate tax payer, setting up a Ltd company seems to be the way to go. How do you actually do this, how long does it take, how much does it cost? Are there any sites or books out there that you recommend I read to help me with this? - Is this true: if I remortgage my own home, I can ‘lend’ the money to my company as a ‘Director's Loan’ for a deposit on BTL property. I can then extract that money (plus interest) when I need it back to own person without having to pay tax. - Once I have set up the company, can I legally back-date company expenses, to cover my expenditure pre-company start date? For example: traveling to check out potential investments, meeting with sourcing companies etc. - Is there any noticeable difference in void periods of 1 bed verses 2 bed flats in city centres? - How much can I expect to pay for accountancy fees for 1 or 2 properties on the books? - I’ve crunched some figures for 1 and 2 bed flats in Central Manchester but, with conservative estimates on fees, rates and voids, the ROI usually comes out at 1 or 2% at best! Are margins usually that tight on single lets? Thank you very much, any advice will be much appreciated. Corn
  14. Hi My name is James. Bit of a back story; My dad bought a 2 bed flat near where I grew up in `97 after reading rich dad poor dad. He was terrified of making a loss and its turned into a gold mine. When he died in `04 my mum used the money from his life insurance to buy more property and now has a small portfolio. Two flats in South East London near where we live, a flat in Preston and a student pod in Loughborough. She built this up as her pension. It has had fantastic capital growth and great cash flow with a very low loan to book value. A little over a year ago my mum was diagnosed with dementia. She's still early stages but I it seems that she had not been managing will with her property's and finances in general for some time. She had always been quite secretive about her finances. But after a frank discussion she agreed to let my sister and I look after her finances for her to ensure that she is looked after. The properties need tending to and her taxes and accounts were a mess. It took me forever to search the whole house and find all the bits of paper and still don't have it any any real kind of order but i am working on it. We took financial advice from a tax adviser and decided to transfer the ownership into an LLP with my mum my sister and myself as members. This has the benefit of helping with inheritance tax but also means that my sister an I can manage the portfolio without having to use LPA all the time (which i have found to be frustrating and limiting.) a mum can still have all of the income. The process of transferring the properties into the LLP has taken a lot longer than i expected with lots of details I didn't know to expect. We need to refinance to cover the existing lending on the portfolio, i had to get a business bank account which Barclays made a nightmare [i might write a post about this] found out that the property bought in `97 had a short lease and needed extending. We want to draw capital out of the properties at the point of refinancing with the aim of having cash to be able invest further. Turns out lenders want to know exactly what we want to spend the money on. Ive felt like there has been a lot of hoops to jump through and i have been put through the ringer. much of it is a result of inexperience. And during this time i have changed jobs and got married. so have had a lot on my plate. I started listening to the property pod cast and found Rob and Rob kept saying "we talked about that in episode..." and so i thought i would start from the beginning and am just getting to the point where they are introducing the property hub and i heeded their advice to get on here and chat. My aim ultimately is to grow the portfolio and the cash flow so that if and when my mum needs more intensive care we can afford the best available. She currently lives a good life, has a great social life, plays tennis several times as week and goes on at least two cruises a year with her partner. but unfortunately she has a degenerative disease an i want to be prepared for the worst and provide the best. My first priority is my mum but I'm hoping that there might be some surplus for my sister, my wife an I to enjoy. I love the idea of the dream line and want to sit down with everyone and work out how to forfill everyone's dreams. I've yet to do this and want to work out how. In the short term i need to shaw up what we currently have. some of the properties are quite tired and need work to bring them up to a high standard, and things like extending leases. fighting with management companies ensure all service charges are paid and upto date, working out what has been spent in the past few years and see if i can get mum a rebate as im sure she overpaid. While the cash flow is good i feel that everything that comes in goes out on some unexpected debt or charge or tax bill. I like rob and rob's mentality of outsourcing and want to get a good team of solicitors and accountants in place. I feel like I've picked up a ball of sting with lots knots and ends sticking out everywhere and i need to weave it into a beautiful quilt. generally turning chaos into order. To this end i am really interested in finding processes that make everything run smoothly. The flat bought in `97 needs a complete refurb. Like I said my dad was scared of loosing money and spent the bare minimum at the time to bring it up to a rentable standard and has had no money spent on it since. now needs a new bathroom, kitchen, rewire, floors boards, carpets, boiler and more. Currently my wife and i rent it off my mum as nobody else would. slightly longer term i want to expand the portfolio and like i said the cash flow. I have followed the markets for years tried to invest myself and have several thousand saved up in sliver. i feel the property market might be in for a bit of a slow down with increasing interest rates and a slowing turnover environment i feel there could be a killing to be made with foreclosures and probate and distressed sellers in the next 18 months. I want to be in a position to pounce. While my mum mainly went for two bed flats im open to many options, considering shop's with flats above, airb'n'b property , im also interested in agricultural land. but as with everything i know little and want to learn. I look forward to learning lots in this forum and joining the community. I've already signed up for the meeting in Waterloo on the 6th September (august was fully booked) if there are any posts or threads that people can point me to relating to inheriting a disorganised portfolio or from someone with dementia. how to plan for dementia care. or regarding the process of transferring into an LLP. also i will soon be undertaking the large refurbish (i have to) and any threads relating to the process to get everything done as quickly as possible will be great. speak soon
  15. Hi John here, I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding property in general to see if its something which would make financial sense. I've looked at it in the past however with lack of funds it hasn't been viable. Recently I have come into some inheritance due to a family member passing away and instead of spending it, I would like to invest it into something that will continue to grow. Little about me - 24 Years old, Salary 20-25k, Lump Sum £125k. What I'm Looking for - - Should I invest in a house or flat?, I understand that houses are usually less and incur no service / ground rent charges? however flats seem more desirable. - For my first investment, what should I look at buying? any Tips/Tricks? - Is a Buy-to-Let mortgage a better idea or should I buy it outright? - Should I go for fully Managed or rent only with an estate agent (any estate agent recommendations in the north west would be great) Thanks for you time.
  16. G'day Property Hub, my name is Chris, I'm from Liverpool but currently I'm in a library in Melbourne, Australia (the weather is crap before you ask), (and its 1.01pm, again, before you ask). I quit my job as an engineer to go travelling with my girlfriend last year, I'm returning home in a few weeks with the intention of starting a new career in real estate. My property history and hopefully future: I own a B2L property in Liverpool already and have had it for 10 years. I would like to carry on investing in Liverpool, I hear the L1, L3, L6, L7 and L15 areas are good areas to start? I would also like to invest in a B2L property in Manchester/Salford so any information on these areas I would appreciate. My 1 year goal is to own 2 more properties, one buy to let in Manchester/Salford or Liverpool and another renovation property in Liverpool with the idea to sell this one for profit. I have some knowledge as a first time buyer and quite comprehensive knowledge as a landlord of a residential property in Liverpool with various tenants throughout the years, if anyone would like to pick my brain I'm happy to help, as I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of brain picking myself. I'm attending the Property Hub Liverpool and Manchester events so I hope to see some of you there and we can chat over a bevvy. Chris
  17. Hey guys! My parents and I are looking to start investing and developing property, but we are completely new to it. As a 26 year old, I haven't even bought a property of my own, so I'm not sure how the process works. (Mortgages, financing, etc). I'm looking to get any practical useful advice on the steps I need to take to get started. Our starting sum isn't much, around 40K, and I was thinking it would be best to start with Buy to Sells to increase our investment sum, and that would then allow us to have the option to get into Buy to Lets as well. I'm not sure what the best cost effective way for me to get started is. Where to source good deals, and what kind of financial advice I need to seek. Any help and direction from someone experienced would help a bunch. I guess I need advice on what I can do with how much I currently have, and how to get started with that amount. Thanks! H
  18. Hi Everyone I'm a total newbie. I am 47, in full time employment and would like to be retired by 55. I have a small amount in savings but not enough for 25% deposit on a property. I do, however, have no mortgage on my home. The strategy I'm contemplating is taking out a remortgage on my home to cover the deposit and then getting a BTL mortgage to purchase my first rental. Is this a sensible approach? It would probably take me around 3 years to get to £25k for a deposit, saving £300 as i am currently. I live in the North West and am looking to invest locally, starting with a property under £100k. There is so much information out there so I'm also trying to take advantage of those resources too, before I take the plunge. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks, Hazel
  19. Hi All, I am a 25-year-old property investor based in Essex who started out about a year and a half ago now, and currently have two properties under my belt. I have been thinking about selling my first investment property, as It is tying up a lot of my money and isn’t giving me a good enough return (re-mortgaging doesn’t release much in this situation). Once sold I should be left with £90K after fees and tax. I am looking to put this money in to a couple of HMO’s aimed at professionals in the midlands or maybe further north E.g. Liverpool, as I would like to increase my monthly income and get maximum ROI. However, I have no experience with HMO’s and would like some advice and tips. With regards to research I have done some on Rightmove and spare room, but I would like to speak someone with some HMO experience or someone who deals with or manages HMO’s in the middles or in Liverpool… etc. Sorry if this comes across vague and a bit amateur, any advice is appreciated. Thanks Mitch
  20. Hello, I'm Rose, I'm a chartered town planner with 5 years experience post degree. I have experience working at a housebuilder, and in both the private and public sector in my relatively short career to date. I would like to invest in property in the long term, but I am making my way through all the podcasts and learning more before formulating a strategy. My initial ideas for my strategy are to work to my strengths in planning. I am thinking of buying land to get planning permission for new dwelling(s) and/or finding existing properties with potential for extension to sell on. However, I am certainly open to other strategies/options for property investment and hope researching will inform this. I live in Bristol so looking to invest around the area. Finance is my biggest question mark at the moment as although I have some savings, I would certainly need to borrow to fund investment, so I hope to learn about the finance options open to me. Rose
  21. Hi All, I thought I would introduce myself. I am not a professional property developer but have a house in London that I am renting out - I am renting in Bristol so that I can get to know the area and where I would like to live...... However, I am looking at a mixed use commercial property to buy and set up my cookery school business. I am looking at a wreck at the moment and hoping to get some advice on the project as I have never renovated a property before....so I will be cruising the renovations and planning section Nice to meet you all..... Sam
  22. Hi everyone, My name’s Laura, I’m 32 and I’m based in Stockport, just south of Manchester. I’m very new to this property game. Last year myself and my husband bought our first house and that has been my only purchase to date! I’m fortunate enough not to be part of the rat-race: I run a wedding decorations business via Etsy.com. However, my income is very up and down and I’m looking for a way to “smooth” it over the course of the year. Right now we are comfortable enough living predominantly on my husband’s salary but my plan is to create a solid income for myself in the next 6 months and to continue to build on that. Long term I’d like to create a monthly “passive” income that supports us both via a portfolio of income generating assets. Short-medium term strategy is to focus on cashflow, so I think Rent to Rent multi-lets or HMOs could fit the bill nicely there. My mother and her partner are property investors focussing in these areas so I’ll be sure to get some training from them! Finance wise we have a little chunk of cash that’s ready to be invested - £50k, which I’m aware isn’t a huge amount. Whether we go ahead and invest that in a BTL or use it to set up some R2R properties I’m yet to figure out…. I’d appreciate some advice around that! I’m aiming to attend at least 2 networking events a month around Manchester so hopefully I’ll catch a few friendly faces out and about. And if anyone else is based in my neck of the woods I’d love to meet for a coffee and to talk all things property :-) Thanks all and best wishes, Laura
  23. Hi I am new to the forum. I am looking for a recommendation for a good property accountant preferably local to me . Does any one have any recommendations. I am looking to do a btl. Thank you
  24. Hi everyone. I am totally new to property investing, and trying to soak up as much information as possible.... There is a lot of good (and bad) information floating about on the internet at the moment, it can be hard for us newbies to filter out. As a totally newbie I am looking at investing in the south wales valley areas, my original aim was to start with small cheaper 1/2 bed units to focus on LHA tenants. Although now am leaning towards flipping more run down small houses, and refreshing them to a decent standard for 1st time buyers with aim to building deposits on a 2:2:1 basis. Would love any opinions on this, and introductions would be greatly appreciated. Jon
  25. Hello all, having read two of Rob Dix's books, I've decided to review my goals and work toward property. I currently have have one buy to let flat. Im looking to move in to more buy to let. 'I plan to save to reach 30% in each property for a deposit. 'I have limited skills other than hard graft. Hope to get in touch with others.
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