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  1. Hi, I’m 58 and looking to get into property with my wife and daughter. I’ve read books/listen to pod casts and am doing the Property Hub training - the wealth of information is mind blowing. I have a pretty good amount in my pension and I have cash to invest so I’m looking at all options (flipping, BTL, HMOs). We’ve spoken to a tax advisor who suggests setting up a limited company. I read about possible returns (12-14% for HMOs) but I’m struggling to see how to achieve this with all of the costs (stamp duty, taxes etc). Our goal is to get a steady return on our investment
  2. Hi, Im Chris, Im looking to quit my job within the next 4/5 years. Im currently in a position where I have cash available to put deposits down on potentially 2-4 properties initially. Im itching to get started and reach my goal as soon as possible, however I'm finding myself getting mixed messages about whats around the corner with regard to a crash or housing market dip. I want to get going asap but I'm also stuck thinking about holding off until the market begins to weaken and opening up for better deals, but also I don't want to get stuck waiting for the 'perfect moment' Also, I
  3. Hi there, I am grateful for property investment education provided by Property Hub and members in this forum. This is my first post and please forgive my ignorance on property matters. I am new and I have been reading non stop for the last couple of days. I am writing this post to clarify my ideas and would be grateful if someone could reason with me. I live in Hampshire with £30.000 in savings, a joint income of just over £70,000 per annum and rent a housing association property. My plan is to invest into a BLT property with the aim to achieve annual profit to replace joint income and be
  4. Hi all, My wife and I have been interested in the idea of property investment for a number of years, however have only really started to research it properly the last 12 months. Having attended seminars, read a lot of literature and researched online, we decided to go for it at the beginning of 2019! We had £20k in savings, so having consulted a mortgage broker decided to remortgage our house and release £30k, bringing the total to £50k. Mortgage repayments have gone up, however it’s more than affordable so we feel confident with our decision. We’ve then set up a ltd company whi
  5. Hello Property Hub fellow members, We are both French currently living in Singapore. We have been in several property workshops like rich dad/poor dad and started to educate ourselves in financial education this year. We probably still have a lot to learn but we would like to put a big step forward and buy our 1st property by end of this year (for BTL purpose), maybe 2 if we can. We have been in touch with tax accountants, mortgage brokers and been advised that a limited company will be the best vehicle to carry our investment in the UK as we are living ove
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