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  1. Hi, Nice to meet you all. It's my first post on this forum. I planning to do my buy to let in the north. I was thinking that Leeds might be a great location to start (house prices are still decent compared to larger cities such Manchester) and it feels that the city is growing and attracting more businesses. I have seen this place on right move (https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/73474821#/). The price looks incredibly low and the yield pretty interesting (11.5%) - to be double checked though. I was just curious to have your opinion on the below questions: 1) Is it usual to achieve ~10% yield in one bed flats in Leeds or is there something I should be sceptical about? 2) Do you believe that the city is in an upward trend and that we could expect to see a decent demand in the rental market over the coming years? Many thanks for your help!! JB
  2. Hello Property Hub! Firstly I have to say I’m blown away with all of the content and knowledge sharing on here. I stumbled across Property Hub a couple of a weeks ago and my world and plans have completely changed. With that said I’m new to property and I’m looking to build a network in order to start investing over the next 6 months. I’m currently based on the south coast, channel island and London and I plan to invest up north. Liverpool - Manchester - Sheffield etc. but I’m very much an open book and not set on any particular location. My initial thoughts are BTL but again nothing set in stone! Ultimately I would like to make this my full time job and leave my current career. Really looking forward to connecting with anyone that is either in a similar position or could help me establish myself up north/has exciting ideas. I’m super motivated and excited to see where this journey takes me! As I reach any milestones/setback I plan on sharing my journey. Charlie
  3. My first post on here.... I'm looking for High Yield BTL's 8%+ I live in Leicester, which has low Yields, even in the cheaper area's of the city (Narborough Road etc) Nottingham has been my next step after listening to the Podcasts but I cannot seem to find any High Yield Property Has anyone got any suggestions? I would like to self-manage, but I am open to having my property managed if the numbers stack up. Also I am open to buying property in other locations but would like them within 1-2 hours of Leicester Appreciate your feedback PS. I do have experience over the years of managing property... upto 30 properties at a time including HMO's before a licence was needed
  4. Hi, I'm starting to look at a number of different cities to build my property portfolio this year. I've got one in the pipeline in Liverpool and starting to research where next. I like the look of Sheffield and planning a trip up in the spring to have a look round. I live in London and I would love someone who has a bit of local knowledge to provide me with a bit of advise on particular areas to look. I'm concentrating in the city centre and have a budget of £100k. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Laurie
  5. Dear Hubbers, I thought I might solicit your views on what seems to be an increasing trend. Namely, someone (often from London or the South-East) invests in BTL property in the North, which then means that money is effectively being transferred from the North - where it is arguably needed more - to the South. Of course, any modernisation undertaken in tired housing stock in the North (or anywhere else) can't be a bad thing. But the rental income is likely to be spent 200+ miles away and is not therefore helping the local economy. According to a comment on this thread there is anecdotal evidence that London investors operating in Liverpool are making it difficult for more locally-based investors to find a deal. Perhaps the fact that investors down South are helping to provide decent rental accommodation elsewhere in the country outweighs the fact that money is being transferred away from those investment areas. And of course it's likely that local tradesmen are getting work due to London investment money.
  6. Hi Hub, Lovely to meet you all!! My wife and I are relatively new to all this so we're after some help, connections and just generally a network to bounce some ideas off. We're accidental Land Lords. We have 2 properties in a Sydney, Australia and now that we're living in the U.K. we're keen to see whether we can turn what has been a general interest in property into a genuine income generating pursuit. Please feel free to drop us a line if you're local to Leeds and fancy a coffee/beer as we'd love to pick your brain on how best to get started, what minefields to look out for, how best to source properties and any other relevant tips or tricks. Looking forward to meeting you all. Cheers, Scotty n Debs
  7. Hi, My name is Steve and I've been an active subscriber of all things property hub for the past few years. I have always been interested in property and earlier this year decided to take the plunge full time to focus on my passion - leaving behind a decent career in construction. I live in Leeds but my focus and business activities are in Hull, East Yorkshire and I'm interested in discussing the market with anyone with an interest in the area. I'd love to speak to new investors who are interested in making the jump themselves, experienced investors with interesting challenges as well as anyone in between who just shares a passion for all things property. I am currently in the process of building my business so always happy to share my experiences and learn from others! Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat about Yorks, the Humber, and Hull. Speak soon Steve
  8. Hi everyone, I would be interested in any advice or tips, or just opinions on spending 40K budget on buy to sell property. The budget is solely for the auction purchase, not including the refurb. Very small budget, so obviously limiting in options and locations. Mainly I am interested in tips on best locations. I am obviously looking north as the property prices are low and I would be able to get something there. I have been looking at Newcastle area, North and South Shields, Leeds area and also Glasgow in Scotland. I will be all in soon, in coming months and it will be my first project, so I would be happy to hear from experienced property guys about what they think would be the best areas to go for. Appreciate any replies. Thanks!
  9. Hello All, Just a quick question, I have seen properties in the north like Blackburn and Hull starting from 40k. I would not be investing for capital gains, but rather cash flow. What are your thoughts? Is this acheivable? Many thanks,
  10. Hello I have decided to start a new chapter in my life and leave the day job behind by focusing on BTL investments in the North servicing the student market. I am looking for 10% gross return and ideally 20% on capital. I have spent the past month researching and have just started looking at target properties in the past week and have put my first two offer in. I am aiming to buy 6 properties in the next 18 months and I am looking to connect with fellow investors to share experience good and bad as I develop my portfolio. I will eventually set up a company but right now I am taking advantage of the flexibility that buying individually with my wife will give me. Having spent some time travelling around student cities in the North of England …..I may even be tempted myself to move out of the big smoke here in London and enjoy the space and friendliness I have experienced so far during my field trips Look forward to sharing more soon
  11. Hello all, Brand new to the Property Hub Forum but have been eagerly working my way through the podcast back catalogue! I bought my first flat in Gateshead when I was 19 with a friend and set up a Ltd Company with him in June last year (for tax reasons!) Since then we've bought another flat in Gateshead and expect we'll buy our 3rd in a few months. We get just over an 8% yield but i'm very aware of the lack of capital growth in the North East of England, does anyone have any comments on the likelihood (or not) for there to be any movement in property prices in the North East any time soon (relatively)? Thanks all, Jordan
  12. Hi everyone, my name is Alistair and I am new to the world of property investment. Myself and 2 of my long term friends are planning to club some money together to buy our first couple of buy to let investment properties early 2018. We live in Dorset and are have decided to invest in the north, looking to buy and hold for the long term. All three of us have young kids and busy lives so we intend to be as hands off as possible with the goal of being able to retire from our current 9-5 jobs at the age of 55. The idea of going in together rather than individually is to increase our buying power and to mitigate any risks along the way (share the workload). The Property Hub has been such a fantastic source of information, it has definitely given us the motivation that we needed to take the first step. Thanks. Ali
  13. Hi all! I'm a newbie here- usually more of a 'lurker' on forums but thought I'd take the plunge and post! I'm 26, two years into my career as a graduate engineer and property obsessed! I've had an interest for as long as I can remember- from spending all my time on the 'Sims' computer game building houses, to watching endless episodes of Homes under the hammer and Location, Location, Location as a student. I'm currently not very happy in my career and am considering a change. My dream is to be a full time property developer but I'm aware of how long it will take to get to that point. I therefore wanted to ask some career advice as I know i'll still have to be employed for a long time before becoming a full time developer, and can't see myself doing what I do now for that length of time. So my question is what careers should I be looking in to that would most benefit me in a future career in property? I have briefly considered surveying or accountancy. Or another strategy is to move to a higher paid job that isn't necessarily property related to get my capital built up more quickly to start investing. I think now is the time to change as I am early in my career and don't have any kids or other commitments. In my spare time I am currently doing all the research I can- podcasts/ books/ reading these forums, and I'm saving up for my first deposit. I'm very early in the process but think I want to flip a few properties first to build some capital, then get into BTL. I'm also a spread sheet geek so I'm very much looking forward to playing about with some spread sheets! Apologies for the long first post, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Hi James Kelly of York here. I am currently looking for bridging finance brokers - preferably in the north but not essential - tradesmen & letting agents in these areas, if you are one or know any please get in touch. I have been religiously following all things Property Hub related for the last 18 months whilst planning my first steps. Began whilst looking to buy my first house with my wife. We have now bought and refurbed our own home and are looking to invest in BTL in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull area whilst also doing other flip projects to recycle our initial capital. I work in sales and have been able to use my negotiating and project management skills to complete our refurb on budget and time, I intend to maximise this in future projects. I am of course happy to help in anyway I can in return. Best James
  15. Hi All, I am a 25-year-old property investor based in Essex who started out about a year and a half ago now, and currently have two properties under my belt. I have been thinking about selling my first investment property, as It is tying up a lot of my money and isn’t giving me a good enough return (re-mortgaging doesn’t release much in this situation). Once sold I should be left with £90K after fees and tax. I am looking to put this money in to a couple of HMO’s aimed at professionals in the midlands or maybe further north E.g. Liverpool, as I would like to increase my monthly income and get maximum ROI. However, I have no experience with HMO’s and would like some advice and tips. With regards to research I have done some on Rightmove and spare room, but I would like to speak someone with some HMO experience or someone who deals with or manages HMO’s in the middles or in Liverpool… etc. Sorry if this comes across vague and a bit amateur, any advice is appreciated. Thanks Mitch
  16. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios, investing in areas they don't live in, or all of the above. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello All, I am new to property - and this site so will take a brief moment to introduce myself; My brother and I live and work in London but plan to build a property portfolio up north. We are currently exploring Sheffield, possibly Rotherham, to start with because its our hometown - but are very open to other location recommendations? We have in region of £40-50k to invest, are both time poor and so will not be managing these properties ourselves. We are potentially looking at Private Sector Leasing to Local authority as an option to get the ball rolling with the intention to eventually do some multi-lets for higher yield. So, to my inaugural question! We are the process of reading all the books and getting together the 'Power Team' - brokers, accountant, solicitor, agents, etc I wondered if anyone could offer advice on where these ideally be located; London close to us - or up-norf closer to where we are looking to invest (and most likely lower fees)? Any recommendations for individuals also welcome. Like most people new to this game I have lots of questions buzzing around my head, but wish to keep my topics simple rather than overload with multiple points.. Over to you all - any help, guidance, advice most, most welcome..!! Thanks in advance, Simon
  18. A big thank you to all of you that have emailed us over the past few months asking for a Summit in the North! We have listened, and we're delighted to announce that we will be holding a Northern Summit (as well as a London Summit) in October this year, and we want your thoughts on where the Northern Summit should be held. If you'd like to vote on this then please do head to this link: http://thepropertyhub.net/vote/and cast your vote. Whichever location gets the most votes will win, it's as simple as that. We can't wait to see which location will win!
  19. Hi everyone, My name is Jasmine and I've spent a fair amount of time studying and wrapping my head around various strategies to invest in properties. I've finally saved up a small deposit that will hopefully get me going up north. I came across The Property Hub in my search for mentors or JV partners as I'm hoping to join forces with someone that has more experience than me for my first couple of deals to get going. So if anyone here is looking for a partner up north, more specifically on the outskirts of Manchester or in Hull I'd really want to have a chat with you. Alternatively I'd like to have a mentor or adviser that I could consult so if you feel like you have some valuable insights I could learn from I would love to get in touch! Look forward to widen my property Network Jasmine
  20. Hello all, I am keen to get started in property investment. Making use of online resources and books, I have been educating myself over the last few months and aim to make my first investment in the New Year - a special thanks goes out to the two Robs for the wealth of information and inspiration on this site and elsewhere! My goals are to provide for my young family and build up enough passive income from property to sustain a modest/comfortable lifestyle and to have the option of working part time (I am a history academic). I grew up in Lewisham and live in West Norwood, and ideally would like to invest in south/south-east Greater London. However, my preliminary research (Lewisham, Catford etc) has shown that the margins here are very tight. Where is the new frontier when it comes to South London/Kent? Is Croydon a good bet or has that ship already sailed, too? I have also been discussing investing in the North, but while the yields are better I am not yet convinced that property prices will rise sufficiently over the coming years to make this a sound long term investment. Property investment for the uninitiated is a daunting prospect, but I am slowly growing in knowledge and confidence. I welcome further input from the forum. Thanks, Tom
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