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Found 5 results

  1. Dear Property Hub Community I am a first time investor in Portugal, in Lisbon and I wanted to know from anyone with experience with long term lets and knowledge of property managers in the area. Can anyone recommend a good company experienced with long term lets in Lisbon/Portugal? From the majority that I have spoken with the service reviews seem to be mixed at best. I would be very grateful for anyone to come forward with a recommendation or lead to finding a good property manager in the area and/or any advice on pitfalls to watch out for when choosing one! Many thanks fo
  2. Hi, I'm 27 years of age and live in Hull, I acquired my 1st BTL 2 months ago at 75% LTV with a 25 year repayment mortgage fixed for 2 years. Bit of a pension plan for the future and had saved enough to take the plunge so went for it, maybe went in a bit blind compared to most but I learn on the job. House finally in a good condition decorated throughout with elec and gas certs now present. Looking at self managing as its local to me and feel I would learn quickly about the ins and outs of the property game. Plus been an electrician by trade I'm quiet handy if I do say
  3. Hi everyone, I've just posted this story as a reply to Simon's post and thought actually, this is a good chance for me to say hi, introduce myself and tell you a little bit about where I am with property at the moment and my story so far..... I've spent the last couple of years researching, learning and getting ready to invest and when we came in to some inheritance this year I thought this was it....we can start. However, my other half had other ideas so we bought our own house. Back to square one. I had just £15k (as I had to put money
  4. Hi All, Just a quick introduction as I will be reading through the forums and possibly contributing anything I can. My Name is Mpf, based in north Liverpool and a part time investor. I currently have one property (4 Years) and just waiting on completion of a second. I also work full time in IT. So far I've stayed on my doorstep for investing but will start looking further a field in the future. I have a huge love for apps and productivity tools, and love the resource of the week (thanks guys) I will hopefully post some of my resources for sharing. - Thanks Rob & Rob been listening
  5. Hi, my name is Fiona, i'm 35 and I am an IT contractor and mum of one on maternity leave. I've been interested in investing in property for years, but as of today 4 December 2014 I have only managed to get on the ladder via the old 'My Choice Home Buy' scheme. I have spent 5 years helping and watching my dad bring my distressed two bedroom maisonette in West London into a sound modern and beautiful home and want to do it again, and again...and again... I want to invest fairly nearby to begin with, but this idea may change when I start doing a bit of homework. My thinking is that as I am a
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