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  1. Hi all and happy new year! Looking over the BRR strategy.....a quick question for anyone who might know the answer. How quickly can you refinance and pull your initial investment back out? If i buy a house in Jan, with a BTL mortgage, complete the refurb by March ready to rent out...can I re-finance that soon or do you need to wait out the initial fixed period of say 2 years? I know you probably don't need to wait til the end of the fixed period, but not found any info on the typical process.....or do you pay exit fee etc? Thanks Hubbers! Ollie
  2. Hello & Happy New Year to you all! I am considering the Buy, Refurbish & Refinance strategy and in this scenario would be using a bridging loan for the purchase (along with my own savings for the refurb). Whilst I know predicting the market is nearly impossible, I would like to be able buy with some confidence that the local market would be in a good position in the short term so I could continue with my strategy and refinance, pay the bridging loan off and pull out some (or hopefully all) of my money. Are there any market indicators I should be looking for? Is there ev
  3. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice regarding BTL investments. I am trying to calculate the amount of money i would leave in the deal until such time that I can refinance and try to pull some of my money back out. I am hoping to buy 3 or 4 properties soon but I feel that I would stuck after that as all my cash will then be tied up. Firstly.. Is it realistic to expect to pull all or most of your initial investment out of the deal? I am struggling to see how this could be achieved even with the properties that need refurbishment. I have found that the refinance only covers the ori
  4. Hi - I'm trying to work out the gross and net yield on a property that I'm refinancing to fun other BTLs. What I want to know is should I divide the annual income/annual profit by the price I payed for the property originally, or by the most current valuation of the property? The property was purchased 10 years ago and has seen a decent increase in value so the two possible figures differ a fair bit. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, My sister current has a property with a decent amount of equity in it and is considering passing some of that equity over to me to start my Property portfolio. Is the equity taken out locked for the original mortgage/home owner or can it be passed as cash to someone else, i.e myself? If its the former, I assume the only way for me to access that equity and start my Property portfolio would be to apply for a joint mortgage with my sister. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hi I am from Reading and currently going through the Goliath Sourcing Academy training. I have learned alot about property over the last month. I am in the process of putting together my goals formally. My end goal is to build a buy to let portfolio with the aim of earning atleast 7,000pcm after tax. My chosen strategy is BRRR or BR and flip. However I do not have enough capital to source. So my strategy will be to Co source deals with a deal sourcer, use that money to start my own deal sourcing business, use the money from the business to implement my strategy. Therefore if anyone if an
  7. Dear Hubbers, Firstly. we have to give huge thanks to Robs for the quality content, which they put out on the property hub podcast. Thank you thank you so much. The podcast really inspired me. However, I have got a lot of huddles to begin my property journey. I would really appreciate if any of you could help answer our questions regarding re-mortgage an overseas property. We have got a buy-to-let property in Australian. The property has been rent out and has been paying itself. Over the 10 years period, the property price has increased significantly. We wanted to release some equi
  8. Dear Hubbers, Firstly. we have to give huge thanks to Robs for the quality content, which they put out on the property hub podcast. Thank you thank you so much. The podcast really inspired me. However, I have got a lot of huddles to begin my property journey. I would really appreciate if any of you could help answer our questions regarding re-mortgage an overseas property. We have got a buy-to-let property in Australian. The property has been rent out and has been paying itself. Over the 10 years period, the property price has increased significantly. We wanted to release some equi
  9. Hi, First time poster here but long time member.. Here’s my current situation I own 2 apartments in Manchester City centre – one I live in and the other on CTL. Property 1 – purchased for 137k now worth 160k. Property 2 purchased for 130k now worth 140k. LTV of both is around 80% I am 27 and see myself right now in capital growth phase and want to continue expanding portfolio and keep raising deposits. Until eventually (20 years time) have around 2k profit coming in every month. I see several options to expand portfolio: Q1 - which one would likely result in
  10. Hi folks, I am buying a house at £39K which needs a complete refurb (up to £10K). Am thinking of getting a bridging loan then refinancing after 6 months (or earlier if any lenders would). The value will be around £60K once the refurb is done so a BTL mortgage is an option by then. I have 4 other BTLs all bought with a 75% BTL mortgage where I financed the refurbs and deposits myself, so this is the first time I'm doing it this way. Rob D's Complete Guide book taught me to look at other options for financing cash purchases, but I have no intel on good bridging finance option
  11. Hi i was wondering if anyone has a BTL property in a flood risk or previously flooded area and has obtained landlord insurance with flood cover that satisfies a mortgage company when refinancing. My mortgage broker says the building must be covered for flood or they won’t consider a mortgage. im looking to buy the property cash then refinance in 6 months time it will be a single occupancy BTL. Previously flooded once in 2015 and is classed as high risk flood area. (This is my first BTL) I usually flip houses. Most brokers I’ve rang wont cover buildings for flood as it’s go
  12. I'm just getting into this property thing, having been an accidental landlord in London. We sold the house last year to release equity for various reasons and are looking at re-investing some in the Notts area. I am currently looking at a 2/3 bed townhouse in an area that I have long considered to be a growth area. It is currently going through a regeneration program (that links in with others such as 'the gateway to the City') and has seen investment from private p. development companies buying up plots of land for eco housing etc. The schools are improving, its located near the r
  13. Hello Everyone, I am the midst of my strategy formation before jumping into my next property venture. I had a question regarding the finer details of refinancing options... I imagine the general advice may be "speak to your tax accountant / mortage broker", which ultimately is the plan - I'm just trying to get vaguely informed before I enter that discussion. I am aware that this has turned into a bit of a lengthy post... any help or advice would be fantastic! Quick Background: I currently live in a 2 bed flat which I have renovated and own outright. The second ro
  14. Do we need a new broker or Is this a common theme? The mortgage on our B2L was up for renewal before it reverted to the SVR. A good opportunity to release some funds at the same time to reinvest into another property. I thought! (Following well publicised strategies). Two agents valuations came out at £390K £400k The existing mortgage on the property is £185k For the first 3 years the Property achieved a monthly rental of £1250 no voids. New tenant moved in April this year with the rent agreed at £1375 All documented with a tenancy agreement and manage
  15. Hi I am new to the property hub but love all the information and podcasts! I need some advice. I am remorgaging my 4 bed rental in Clapham, London. It is a great rental and always has been. We are applying to split the flat into 2 separate appartments. My question is: given that Labour government is likely to be voted in sooner rather than later, should I go for 5 years locked into a higher interest rate or 2 years at a lower rate? With the five years, my thinking is that this would see us through any possible turbulance in the marketplace whereby it wou
  16. Hello, I was wondering if I can release equity from my current home (no mortgage left), to found a second home purchase. My current home will eventually rented out. Anyone can help me with the percentage I can release? Thanks a lot. Cheers, Tina
  17. Hi, I won't pretend this is an easy enquiry, and I suspect I'll be needing some tax/mortgage advise from a professional, so if anybody knows a good one in the Scottish Central Belt (ideally Glasgow) area, it'd be much appreciated. I currently have a property I let with my brother (£80k at 75% LTV). I currently have a property I live in with my wife (£98k with 60% LTV remaining). I want to refinance the property I live in as BTL and remove equity up to 75% LTV. I want to take this money and combine it with other money to buy a new residential property with m
  18. Hi all, I'm about to purchase a 4-bed house with a 2-room basement. I'd like to maximise my monthly return AND pull out cash for another purchase. My question is, do I: a.) create a 6-bed HMO, or b.) create a 4-bed HMO + 1-bed flat? I've checked with local planning, building control & HMO team, both options are doable. Return on both options would be similar. But what about refinancing? Would either option work best for maximising how much cash I can pull out? Anything I need to watch out for / push for? All experience / suggestions welcome?
  19. Hi Guys, Wanted to get your thoughts about BRR strategy to get majority of money out with Article 50 looming. Doing a full refurb to force appreciation and then seeing prices drop due to Article 50 would be devastating.....do we think this is likely?
  20. Hi guys, Looking to hear from investors who adopt a buy - refurb - refinance BTL strategy. What are your expectations and experiences in terms of the % of money you can get back out of a deal? I'm looking at 1970's terraced, 2/3 bed, requires light refurbishment (£10k max - maybe a new bathroom or kitchen) and buying around 15% - 20% BMV. Refinance as early as possible (6 months but my broker believes we could do it earlier) and recycle deposit. You may not be able to judge my deal without more area info etc, but keen to hear what normal returns
  21. Hi guys need some advice (sorry it's a long post) I have begun my property journey with a BMV 1 bed leasehold flat in Birmingham this year, having been able to pay for it cash, I have renovated it after a few months to a reasonable high spec with the aim in letting out. I want to refinance to release some of the cash to invest in further properties and I am waiting to have it valued. I do not have a residential property or Morgage at the moment and never have as I am currently renting myself whilst working self employed. My questions are as follows: 1). Because the Property was bought for l
  22. Hi All, I've got a quick and (at the moment) largely hypothetical question. At some stage in the future, my Mum has suggested that she'd like to change ownership of her home into the names of her children (me and my brother). It avoids any challenges when the time comes, etc. So that's that. My question then is: Would the banks accept a request for equity release given that there is a non-paying tenant, or even take that property into account when mortgaging against other properties? It's unlikely it could count as BTL (without a payment of sorts anyway), but I'm curious to kno
  23. Hello, I am a qualified solicitor specialising in investment property (both residential and commercial property.) I work with small investors right up to commercial investment fund work. have bought and sold everything right up to shopping centres. I provide portfolio/asset management services. I am experienced in leasing and licencing for both Landlord and Tenant and I also have exposure to the renewables sector. I also do all types of property finance work. The firm where I practice (Maclay Murray & Spens) is a top tier legal firm, part of the Global Lexi Mundi referral network
  24. I am new to investing and still waiting to start my journey. I am currently doing all the learning and research I can before taking the leap (whilst I build enough capital) my intention is to buy and hold forever as I see property as an asset and my pension. BUT my question is what is the most effective strategy? Do I take out interest only mortgages and keep refinancing over the years? Or do I take out interest and capital mortgages and work to pay off my debt with rental income? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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