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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I'm back with another dilemma. In 2018 myself and wife had the Right To Buy (RTB) our flat from our local authority which we progressed with this. We opted for a 2 year residential mortgage. Shortly after completion we had found out we was expecting a child and we had to plan to purchase a larger property as our flat was not going to be big enough for our family. We asked our mortgage lender and local authority for permission to let which they did grant our request. We purchased a house and rented our flat. 2 years on our mortgage deal is coming to an end and we
  2. Guest

    Remortgage with partner

    Hi I have a couple of questions. I brought my house last year under the voluntary right to buy scheme. I had to get a mortgage with a higher interest rate (7.1%) and a fixed rate for 5 years, this due to getting divorce and my ex-husband causing my some financial issues. I have asked for a settlement figure and will only be charged £110 to leave them. 1. My partner is moving in can I apply for a remortgage and use his income, we don't want it to be a joint mortgage 2. Am I limited to who I can apply to because I brought under right to buy Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to develop my strategy to begin my property investment future. I currently live in a 2 bedroom council house based in North London. The market value of the house is approx £590k. I am currently eligible for a discount of up to £106k under the right to buy legislation. I'm wondering what would be the best first move in the property game.. As I am a council tenant, I'm not sure how the process works when it comes to me getting on the property ladder. is it best to register as a limited company and begin building a portfolio
  4. Hi i find myself in a situation where as a 1/3 joint owner of a property (tenants in common) we are dividing the property as sadly relations are not all as amicable as they might be, comm's are minimal currently. Recently at the "Nth" hour in division proceedings the other two stakeholders, who are hanging onto the remainder of the property have expressed a wish to have a "right to first refusal" option on the portion of the property that i am to hold onto (as sole owner) in the division. Can anyone please tell me what the norm is in such a scenario? Specifically; they are requesting that the
  5. Hello I wonder if anyone is able to help or point in the right direction here. My mate Dean, his mum and nan both live in separate maisonettes in the same block in east London. One is a ground floor maisonette, 3 bedroom, with ground and 1st floor plus a garden, the other is 3 bedroom in the same block but not on ground floor and no garden. They have both lived in these properties for over 30 years and have the right to buy at a heavily discounted rate. The are worth in the region of £350,000 and he believes that they can be bought for £80-£100k each. Dean doesn't have the money to buy the
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