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Found 2 results

  1. When I first saw the announcement for PHL, I was really excited to attend Property Hub’s biggest meet-up to date. With such a high level of anticipation, I am sure I wasn’t the only one to be extremely disappointed to see the details of the event published over the last 2 days. I felt hosting the event in London has alientanted a large proportion of northern based hubbers, who listen to the podcast every week. Surely somewhere more accessible, such as Birmingham, would have been more appropriate for the majority of listeners?! Secondly, the cost!!! When I saw this morning that tickets would cost over £100 per attendee, I gasped. Despite hearing so much advice from Rob and Rob (particularly during their chat with Mike Winnet) about paying over the odds for property events, having to pay over £100 for a property hub event was the last thing I expected, but it seems PH is now as much about the profits as it is the content. when you combine the logistical bias, the cost of travel, and the cost of tickets, I have to say I am extremely disappointed with Property Hub. This was not what I expected and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.
  2. Hi all This is my first Hub post and many thanks for taking the time to read it. I live in Kent and have let my former flat in Crystal Palace since 2014. It's now re-mortgage time and I am considering the next step in property investment. You may recognise the topic title from a property webinar prepared by Rob B which I would strongly recommend if you have not seen it. The gist of it is how to build a portfolio that in time can provide an income through periodic refinancing. It has lots of pro's as a strategy and is my preferred one subject to clearing up the query below. My question arising from it is: how can you refinance your portfolio (however much equity is in it) for the purposes of paying yourself an income given that (in my v ltd experience) lenders only allow lending for narrow purposes especially buying more property/renovating but not for funding the borrower's lifestyle? Any thoughts very gratefully received. Tom
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