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Found 5 results

  1. Morning All, Just in the process of selling my first flip and now looking to move towards the BTL investment route. My plan will most likely involve carrying out works to these BTLs to increase the market value. The question I have - When creating a company, am I okay to just have 1 SPV Ltd company to buy, carry out refurb works, refinance with BTL mortgages and also hold the properties. Or will I need to form a parent company that specialises in carrying out the refurb works on the properties held in a separate SPV? Thanks. Alex
  2. Hi guys, I currently own one BTL property and a Personal home, however we are planning on buying a new personal home and keep the existing home as a BTL property. Before George Osborne's announcement this was relatively straight forward: re-mortgage as BTL and use equity for next personal home purchase, however with the new stamp duty rules for 2nd homes we would be hit with an additional 3% on the full purchase price unless we sell our main home. Being a 40% tax payer with no immediate need of additional income I am now considering selling our personal home to my Limited Company
  3. Hi all, Long time reader first time poster. I am currently In the process of moving house and and intend remortge my current property to BTL, releasing enough equity to fund my next residential property purchase. Because of the changes in landlord tax relief and the fact I am a higher rate tax payer, I have setup an SPV and intend to re-mortgage my residential property through the SPV. I have a couple of questions which I apologise in advance for if the answers are simple! Because the SPV is newly incorporated and has not been used for property investment previously, ther
  4. Evening All, I'm after some advice on how to set up an SPV Limited Company for Investing in property Myself and 5 friends want to set up an investment scheme whereby we invest a set amount each month into the company until we buy a property. We will each have equal shares/rights in the company and equal voting rights, I just want some advice on the best way to go about it, how we can pay into the company legitimately each month, what type of account we would require and the best company structure. Any help will be much appreciated. Jamie
  5. Hi All, my first post on the forum, but I have been listening intently to the podcasts etc over the last 6 months. I'm looking to get peoples thoughts on "Company v Personal" purchase of a BTL. I am the owner of 6 x BTL acquired over 15 years ago and have let these run their course. They have provided good returns and all are currently on BTL mortgages in mine and my brothers name. We are about to purchase (its been a while) a 7th BTL property, but all this discussion around whether or not this purchase should be made through the setting up of a ltd company or in personal names has confus
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