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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Hubbers, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good property software extensions for Chrome and other browsers? Or any other software that adds additional functionality to browsers, anything to enhance the way of interacting and saving some time. I have found Property Log (suggested by Rob & Rob on episode 301 of the podcast), property bee for Firefox and Property Tracker for chrome. There is also Nimbus Maps, which I had the chance to witness from an investor friend, it seems very impressive however I don't current have the spare cash to splash. Any suggestions would
  2. Wasn't quite sure which sub-forum to put this in, so went with general. We're about to start our first refurb project (well, will be when the solicitors finally finish whatever it is they do). We'll definitely be installing a new central heating system as there currently isn't one, so other than TRVs, I'm thinking it wouldn't cost much extra to go to a Nest or similar as an upgrade for the thermostat. Question is has anyone done anything like this previously, or any other smart home gadgets and, if so, what and does it feel like its helped in letting the property? Also, how did you get i
  3. Hi All I was wondering if anyone has come across any browser extensions similar to Property Bee or Property Track, but specifically for easily estimating a potential yield of a property on a particular street? It would obviously be more difficult for rural locations, or areas where there is little precedent of existing yields, but for city research, with vanilla btl, I think this would be a really useful tool. e.g. researching different areas, and without having to need to keep switching from different tabs with Rightmove open, one with rent and one for properties fo
  4. Hi All! Is anyone using a PO BOX for their Ltd company? If so what through whom and what's a reasonable price to pay? Also, I've seen adverts for companies that will not only receive your mail but scan it and send it to you. This seems like a great idea. Has anyone used a similar service? What do you think and would you recommend? Thanks for your thoughts Nuri
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