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  1. Hi All, I'm Nick based out of the West Midlands. As part of my initial research and educating process, I stumbled across the Property Hub Podcast 3 months ago and have been binge listening at 1.5 x speed to absorb as much info as possible on my commute to work/gym. Found the Podcast really resourceful and informative with no-nonsense and "hard-sell" attached to it, which as a novice being new blood to the wolves, was a breathe of fresh air - thanks PH Team! I've always been interested in property having refurbed many domestic and commercial properties whilst working as an electrician in my younger days and manged to secure my first property in 2012, which was a repossession that I refurbed and rented out (as I wasn't educated enough to know about the BRRR strategy). My personal circumstances changed so I ended up moving into the property and lived there for 4 years, but it never felt like "Home" as was always an investment property. Fast-forward to December 2019 I had the property re-valued and with 40K positive equity, I decided to sell up (looking back I could of done different, see lessons learnt note below), move on and after seeing the equity generated, decided that I needed to seriously invest time and set myself up for property investment, "if not now, when?" I'm now working as an Electrical engineer managing projects for a company more office-based environment but still out on site as needed, but my property journey has re-started with setting up a ltd company and raising finances in the background for when the right properties come along. I'm still working on finding my power team of conveyancers/brokers/bridgers/etc which I'll pick back up when companies open next week, open to suggestions 🙂. Lessons Learnt Alternative route - looking back I maybe could of re-financed my first property after valuation to release money, rented that out, bought another property to rent out in ltd company and looked for somewhere for me to rent until I was in a position to buy a home for myself. The rent off my 2 x properties would cover the rent of my own rental and would boost my journey of acquiring properties to replace my income. This wouldn't suit everyone but I was in a position where I could do that since living by myself, but lack of education meant that I couldn't project that route. Current route - my new "Home" that I purchased I managed to secure just before lockdown 1 and the crazy property price increases so purchased £15k below asking price (£20k bmv) so there's positive equity in this property, which is also located in an area that I had been researching and is due for redevelopment soon so there's also capital growth potential which I'd plough into the LTD for the property funds. I could go into strategies etc but I think I'll save those for future posts saves writing an essay and risk boring you all 😅. Thanks for reading and all the best for 2021! Nick
  2. A small office lease in the West Midlands that I'm considering is £6500 per annum / £10 sq/ft. What price do you think is reasonable to offer in light of covid and presumably lower demand? My conditions would likely be a 12 month initial term with a 6 month break clause, though I would be happy to sign for 24 months. I appreciate that this is a niche question, I don't know that much about commercial property leases as I'm principally involved in residential. Many thanks. James.
  3. Hello, I’m Adam aged 23 from Solihull, Birmingham. I come from a pretty piss poor family. After several years of hard core study, it’s paid off and I now work full time and I enjoy my line of work. The industry I work in doesn’t appear to be affected by anything Brexit. I do not look on replacing this job to become a; full time, hands on, busy bee landlord. Being young and earning £35k+ I ought to be wise and invest for my later years. I do not wish to get any short term gain by topping up my income as this will begin to push me ever closer to the next Tax (40%) bracket. After careful consideration, I feel strongly about being in it for the long term gain. I want stability in my later years, pension etc. I feel the best for me to operate would be via. Ltd company, however I am novice so would welcome any advice regarding this. What you've done in property so far? I still live at home, however...over the past 12 months I have started by investing my time in researching property and the various strategies. I do not own any property, however I have now saved £20k. What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) I would like to invest in and around the West-Midlands region. What your plans are for the future? I am unsure about the immediate future. Do I invest in my own property first via First Time Buy ISA. I have £5k in this already. I wish to have a small property portfolio of 5 by-to-let’s by my mid 30’s. Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from. I work in technology and I love to work smarter not harder (via automation). Once I have an understanding of tedious tasks of being a landlord. I would invest time to automate/ cut-time. Thanks for having me and allowing me to introduce yourself, I look forward to reading other threads on the forum! Please reach out if you are from the Solihull, Birmingham area. I also look to get advice regarding Tax and to also have a sit down with a Broker. Kind Regards, Adam
  4. I read this article by Which the other day which confirms my feelings about the local property market over the past couple of years. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/02/how-have-house-prices-changed-in-your-area-since-the-brexit-referendum/ I've found the market really competitive and have been outbid on more deals than I care to remember. I usually invest in Sandwell, which has seen a 20% rise on it's average house price since the referendum. I feel the current level of both sale and rental prices are unsustainable in the local area, which would mean we are at a different point in the property cycle. What does everyone else think? Is there a way to prove my theory?
  5. Hi, I'm currently trying to find a reputable property sourcing company that source; BMV residental properites that are profitable buy to sell refurbishment investments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  6. Hi Everyone, I wanted to say hello to the online property community and introduce myself to the network. I am a recent graduate working in the west midlands area. I have a very keen interest in property and have been reading, listening and watching property related education over the last 12 months. I wish to begin my property portfolio by starting with a flip to increase my capital to help me expand my portfolio. I am looking for advice and to build contacts to help me acheive this project. I am particularly looking for any reputable and trusted sourcers in the west midlands area and any bridging finance contacts. Any advice would be most welcomed! TIA KP
  7. Hi Hubbers, I'm Matt and taking first proper steps on the property 'journey'. I wanted to make a move back in 2013 but learning from the Rob's and Pete Matthew, I took a step back to build my finances and a safe base. That's now done and realigning my efforts. Based in Stourbridge West Midlands, I'm planning to create a BTL company, forcing appreciation through refurbs then refinancing. The goal is to create enough passive income to quit my job. Stretch target is 45, but at least by 50. I'm a professionally qualified Civil Engineer with construction, site management and design experience. I've recently joined a large private developer in the regional technical department to build my own knowledge and to transfer my existing skills into this sector. Looking forward to being involved.
  8. Hi All I am looking to start into property investment and have roughly 30-40k to invest with At the moment I am investing alone but possibly will have 1/2 friends who we will join up as a JV. If I am looking to do by myself (which is on the cards at the moment) I am thinking of making a purchase in either Manchester or West Midlands I have seen some properties which are perfect for BTL (short journey into city centre or main station) and in some cases can see the potential for a HMO Just thinking the kind of strategy to take... either BTL or HMO
  9. Hi All Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Deeps and recently signed up to the site. Wanting to get into property investment for a number of years but now have taken the steps to do so. Attended a "course" taster recently which opened my eyes to the investing world, but thankfully after reading posts on here and other sites did not really opt for the package which would make me a millionaire in the matter of months. Saying that it was interesting to see the different kind of avenues to take into property investments... Have not panned out a strategy yet but thinking of FLIPs before I look into HMOs or BTL.
  10. Hello! Thank you Rob and Rob for having an internet presence that can't be ignored. I only found out about you a week ago and my life is a new, busy, interesting place I'm a professional model & accidental landlord (as a result of moving out of my London flat to buy a house with my husband, but keeping it on to rent it out). Now I've saved a deposit to do a buy-to-let on purpose this time, and am hoping it'll work out as well as the first, because I need an eventual exit strategy for my day job - modelling is HARD on your joints. I'm hoping to buy in the West Midlands, since I drive through there a lot, and won't have time to view properties at all if I don't go for an area that I already pass on an regular basis. I find maths absolutely horrifying, so am writing everything down in a bit of a panicky attempt to make decisions underpinned with rationality. And that's all for now
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