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Property sucks

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Just wanna say hello to the community and show who I am with the intention of getting to know some of you guys.

I believe one of my weakest traits is networking and so far I've been working mostly on my own.



So I am Jay and think I've got one of the coolest jobs in the world, I am constantly on the go around the world, diving, parachuting, driving fast vehicles and competing.

In no rush to interrupt any of this, but my previous life of an electrician feels incomplete and I keep gravitating back towards property.



I own 4 properties and am expecting the 5th in February! Despite the title I love it, just wanted to make you look :)

My latest 2 properties are both holiday lets within a Ltd company 

I sourced my last 3 (including one en route) from a really good guy in the NE

I have 2 properties in Nottingham which I know intimately and love


You can see my properties and me waffling away here;

Instagram = 2026property



Last year i went through the decision process of going Ltd company or not with my accountant, choosing ultimately to go Ltd and have just got my 2nd commercial loan offered for a holiday let :wub:. The second time was soo much easier with the lender knowing who I was. Just read that theres only 3 lenders who deal with Ltd coy serviced accommodation loans, so I hardly had shopping around as an option.

I consume so much audio and youtube that, combined with experience I believe im starting to feel like I understand the game, often dont comment on posts because so many people out there have 



Like i say im pretty much a lone wolf and as much as I wont shut up to everyone around me about property, none of them seem keen to follow.

I have a very efficient team for the conveyancing process which im happy to recommend,. Im confident the conveyancing is one of the most reasonable out there.


Love to hear your thoughts / comebacks, please visit my profile or instagram. Im making an effort this year to get to know more people, so you may see a random / slightly awkward message landing in your inbox at some point!



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