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paddy horsington

Publishing a book- investment and saving for teenagers

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Hi there,


I have written a book called 'Money lessons left at the school gate'. The book is written to help young people learn how to manage their money. I have been offered the chance to publish my book via Book Guild. They have offered me the following:


Copy editing

Front cover designing

Printing of 300 books 


Marketing- shops, online etc


They say the cost is about 5k of which I pay 40%. I was interested to hear people's view on this offer? And any opinions on BG as a publisher?


I am also conscious that the book has not been proof read and I could do with another pair of eyes to read it and give me feedback- any suggestions for options? The other thing I am conscious of is the illustrating of the book.


Any feedback would be appreciated. If you would like to have a read please let me know and I will send you a copy. 



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Hi Paddy,

How did you get on with this (I know it was a while ago now)? I don't know anything about book publishing but heard a really good podcast interview with Kathy Ver Eecke. She teaches people about getting book deals. It's a great subject and much needed. I'm sure you've had it proof read by now but would be happy to oblige if not.

All the best,


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A bit late, but in case...

I've self-published a book on Createspace/Amazon ("101 Contracting Tips", if you're interested) and it cost me almost nothing to get it done. The most I spent was ~£200 on 99Designs for a cover. I had it proof read by a friend who is a writer, but even if you pay someone I doubt it would be £2k.

You're able to order your own copies on demand and they're printed on demand when sold.

As for formatting, Createspace provide plenty of Word templates of various sizes - if you're no good on Word then you may need help with that too.

You would have to price up the individual tasks and see if you'd be happy with paying that kind of cash.

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