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katriona f

Advice on Nottingham (inc. Hyson Green) - much appreciated!

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Hi everyone,

I would be hugely grateful for some advice about the desirability of certain Nottingham areas, as I am looking to invest max. 100k in my first buy-to-let property.

There seem to be some good deals in Hyson Green, but does anyone know what the rental market is like there?  Do students avoid it?  Similarly, are there parts of Forest Field and Basford that you'd recommend as being more appealing than others?

Huge thanks to anyone who can give advice on these.



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Rental market in hyson Green is difficult, avoided by students and generally seen as an undesirable place to live. Popular student areas are The Arboretum and Lenton, there's also potential for student accommodation in West Bridgford and Beeston. Beeston and West Bridgford are also desirable locations for professional HMO's although both might be out of price range. 

For student property within the Hyson Green/Forest Fields area you might have some success around Mount Hooton Road and Southey Street area. 

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