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I have found the strategy, I have the money but I don’t have the location…


My strategy is to complete flip projects to create a bigger overall capital pot to then start looking at other strategies. Over the past 4 weeks I have put a lot of time and made a lot of offers in Liverpool. However,  I have been unable to get any offer accepted. Liverpool is really full of so many investors al looking to buy ANYTHING. This has created issues in trying to get offers accepted at the right price. Therefore, Liverpool has now been ditched as a location. This leaves me without a location.


Location: All the noise seems to be about the North and all the incredible returns which can be made, which is true. I live in London and I currently have a full time job, which means that I am looking to invest within about 2 hours of London, it doesn’t have to be 2 hours but that would be preferable. I have around 150k to invest. 

I am struggling to identify areas in the country that seem to be viable for this strategy, it is probably me not to sure on what areas I should be focussing on.


I would really appreciate some suggestion of areas that might fit this criteria. I believe with the amount of experienced investors on this forum that it is going to be the best place to sound my strategy out. 


I am also interested in working with deal sourcers if anyone is one or can recommend a company? 

Please send me a direct message on here or email me at oliverthomas693@gmail.com if you can help me




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If you are looking for somewhere 2 hours from London with potential for growth maybe have a look at Corby in Northamptonshire. Direct train to London in about an hour and having loads of regeneration. Also be plenty of properties in your budget. Probably the last place left where you can commute to London in under an hour and still get a property for under 200k! 

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