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Smart Home Devices During Refurb

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Wasn't quite sure which sub-forum to put this in, so went with general. 

We're about to start our first refurb project (well, will be when the solicitors finally finish whatever it is they do). We'll definitely be installing a new central heating system as there currently isn't one, so other than TRVs, I'm thinking it wouldn't cost much extra to go to a Nest or similar as an upgrade for the thermostat. Question is has anyone done anything like this previously, or any other smart home gadgets and, if so, what and does it feel like its helped in letting the property? Also, how did you get it to work without WiFi and are there any issues when tenants change over regarding logins etc?

To be clear, the property is a 2 bed terrace, likely to let to a family, so not looking at a fully integrated smart home, just wondering if there's some small things that could be done to increase its attractiveness.

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Unless your property is very high end I would not be adding expensive electronics to it - once supplied, you irresponsible for the maintenance & replacement of it. I would consider a Nest 'gimmicky'.

Many tenants seem to struggle with programmable thermostats, TRVs etc so my advice would be to keep the control simple.

I would ensure that you present your property beautifully - neutrally painted, decent carpets / curtains / lightshades / clean & tidy & then price it just below the market rate. Don't forget to ensure you outside space is well presented too.

Sometimes 'dressing' the property so people can see how to use the space can help & add to the property's attractiveness.

Good Luck :) 

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I have found I keep my tenants long term as our properties are well maintained. I do put plenty of lights and sockets in. Only use electric cookers to save on GSC costs, but install nice induction hobs, one and a half bowl drainers and the duropal splashbacks so that there is no problem with mouldy grout. I go for hard wearing carpets, but vinyl or tile wherever possible. All these are quite cheap apart from the floor tiles, but they only need doing once, not every 3 years years.  Ive just rehoused a tenant who phoned and said 'we want to move but we want to stay with you'. So it's worth considering what sort of tenant you want. Personally, I always aim for the top of each price bracket, well serviced, nicely decorated and charge accordingly.good tenants will pay more for a nice place, but don't be silly on price, bad tenants are forced to pay more as they are never top of the list! Enjoy the experience.

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