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Looking for advice on 3 generation family-funded student buy to let

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My nephew has just started his PhD I England and needs to find accommodation for the next 3 years. My mother is 80 and has cashed i some shares from when my father passed away but it is sitting in a bank earning almost no interest. I live abroad Europe on a good salary, and have just started a seemingly successful student buy-to-let portfolio where I live. I also have my old home in the UK with the mortgage fully paid off letting to DSS family , as I am unable to get an HMO license from the local council, due to living abroad. This property has a value similar to the amount I would consider spending on a property for my nephew. I spoke to the council where my nephew is studying and they were open to a joint HMO license if my nephew was living in the property. My hope is that my mother would pay say 25% deposit on the property, I would take the rest as a mortgage, and my nephew would choose the property, find the students and manage the lettings as far as could done by a non-professional, and hire specialist help where needed. Yields on buy-to-lets offered by estate agents are up to 10%. My nephew is enthusiastic about this and a capable and honest young man, as well as being quite handy at DIY. My mother is looking for a safe investment with some access in case of say needing to go into a care home, so I offered her 10% return on the deposit guaranteed in return for keeping her money there for 10 years with a sliding scale for divesting, and some index linking of return where possible. I have asked about mortgages and a mortgage broker suggested there was one company that offered ex-pat student buy-to-lets but wanted several thousands pounds for set-up fee.

 My questions:

1) I did not mention my mother would be paying the deposit with me taking the loan and the risk on emergency repairs, but I expect she would want her name on the deeds. Would this complicate getting a mortgage?

2) Should I instead re-mortgage my DSS let house and use that to fund my nephew's student property or base the mortgage on the house I am about to buy, or do a mix of both? 

3) Are there more suitable mortgage prospects?

4) Any advice on what professional help I should provide for my nephew, I presume I would need lawyers to draw up contracts both between family members and students, and an accountant to prepare data for tax returns. Are there other services I should consider employing?

5) Any advice for my nephew on being landlord's agent and co-tenant?

6) Any advice for me as absentee landlord?

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