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Hi, being relatively new to this, i am about to advertise my BTL for rent and what i am finding very difficult is working out what/who to use for 'tenant referencing' service. There are so many companies out there that offer this service, all at a different cost, with different elements and with also what appears to be different outputs in terms of what you get for your money - im just confused and would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations of companies that they have used, are tried and tested and deliver a great tenant referencing service!

i just want to be sure i choose the right tenant for my property!!

Appreciate your thoughts.......



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I use Openrent to advertise my properties and also use their referencing service. Great value for money and a thorough reference. All you need from the tenant is name, email and mobile number. Openrent contact the tenant direct for all the other info they need. 

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