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Is it acceptable to use multiple letting agents to market my BTL?

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Hi guys,

I have not been able to let out my property which seems to tick many of the right boxes for over six weeks now. I get the impression that the current agents entrusted have not been overly interested based on the pictures, correspondence, staff changes etc. I'd like to stick with them as I have invested time and energy and I have also dropped rent as advised by them. If I am unable to let it out still, at what point do you change agency? Is it acceptable to use multiple agents to market the property? I have been receiving flyers and leaflets from competitors, guaranteeing that they can let the property out within two week.

Many thanks,


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You probably signed a contract with the initial agency so take a look at that - you probably gave them exclusivity for a certain length of time.

Have you asked them why it is not letting? Given that properties generally are available to view by all prospective tenants on the internet it is unlikely that a different agent will have a pool of different prospective tenants. So are the pictures / description / decor unattractive, are they getting the enquiries & not dealing with them, is it too expensive / in the wrong area / poorly described? These are questions you need to ask and then address any issues.

The agent will have spent money marketing it and won't get anything back until its rented so they should be as keen as you are to get it let so I would recommend a sit down chat with a senior person at the agency.

It is frustrating when your property won't let, but if you have addressed all the issues and the rent is right it will go eventually.

Good luck :) 

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