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jordy stod

Glasgow newbie property trader - looking for advice

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Not sure how many Scots are on here, expect a few!

I'm new to property and am interested in "trading" properties (not refurbs). I'm also new to Glasgow.

Any property friends up in Glasgow? Would love to buy you a coffee in return for some quick advice on my strategy.



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Hi Craig,

Thanks for coming back to me, was starting feel like a bit of a loner!

Well, incidentally, in the past couple of weeks I've reverted back to my original model of flipping flats to generate profits which I'll invest in deposits for BTLs, and building a portfolio of BTLs that way - the "trading" model I was referring to revolved around buying decent nick (albeit distressed properties) at sizeable discounts and chucking back on the market straight away - way too little margin and too much experience required, so not my bag really.

I'll be based in Glasgow, but am originally from Fife and also lived in Edinburgh for a number of years (probably know Edinburgh market better). So I'm very open to doing stuff here and there, not just Glasgow.

Where do you operate if you don't mind me asking? Be great to get some insight into your local market.

Your thoughts on Boris' stamp duty reform in England would be welcomed too https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17768196.boris-johnson-39-s-tax-plans-spell-39-disaster-39-scotland-39-s-property-market-says-scottish-housing-expert/




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