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Paying commission to previous letting agent

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We put our house on the market to rent with an agency on a sole agency basis. We have just terminated the marketing agreement as they continually missed appointments or showed up at the wrong time. We are about to list with another agency but the first agency has advised that they will be due a commission if the property is let to somebody that they introduced. Is this correct?

Couple of points

- An introduction isn't defined in the contract.

- They also didn't advise us of any ongoing liability beyond termination at the outset nor is it explicitly stated in the contract.

The new agent has suggested we obtain a list of people from the original agent who viewed the property to avoid the risk of them seeking commission. However I don't see why they would be entitled to a commission. They have not let the property to anyone that they showed it to and the contract has been  terminated.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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