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james eustace

Vacant property - but can a tenancy be ended early to clean and redecorate?

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My student tenants have vacated 3 months before the end of their tenancy.  The property has been left in need of cleaning and redecoration, which would be claimable from their deposit.  As the tenancy is still running, I haven't yet done a check out report to validate a deposit claim.  However, I also cannot conduct viewings for future prospective tenants due to the condition of the property.

The property needs to be redecorated and cleaned professionally before anyone will sign up.  The concern is that if the redecorating and cleaning are started before the tenancy ends, then this will forfeit any claim on the deposit. 

Can the tenancy be ended now in order to get the check out report completed early?  Can the tenants confirm the property is vacant so the process can be started?

Has anyone got any experience or advice on what to do in this situation?  Thanks in advance.

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