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gareth b

Alternatives to British Gas

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I currently have several Homecare agreements with British Gas for a number of properties. These cover issues with the gas, electrics, plumbing and drains, along with an annual gas safety certificate.

Each year the premium seems to increase and they no longer seem inclined to offer a discount.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other providers of these services, offering an affordable alternative?

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Hi Gareth,

Presently the only other homecare provider I am aware of is a company called ‘hometree’. I hav3 friends who use this service and the informed me that they are very competitive. It’s worth giving them a call!!

Hope this helps you.

Best wishes.

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Homeserve is another.

I also feel your pain with BG. Been a customer for 3 years on Homecare 4 product and the first 2 years I called up at renewal asking for a better rate, they complied and gave similar/slight increase. Just had my renewal again and this time even after haggling, it was a substantial rise unfortunately. However, if I added a £60 excess per call out (not inc annual services) then the rate dropped quite a lot. I did a comparison against Homeserve as a new customer, was fairly similar. I think BG are the better company but defo do you research and don't pay over the odds.

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