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A gifted property

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Hello after some information please.

 My mother’s house is worth about £200k and I have £75000 equity from a separation. There is no mortgage on the property. My mother has left the house to myself and my sister in her will. My mother is desperate to release equity as she has no money and struggles but is unable to find a company to give her equity... she is 82. I am looking for a property and would love to buy the house and let my mum live there too but it needs so much work doing on it. Is there any way I could buy part of the property with my 75k and  my mother gift me the remainder 125k. 

I then get a mortgage on the property for £62500 plus a bit extra for the work that needs to be done. I give my sister £62500 so it’s my house. 


hope this makes sense 


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Could you buy part of the property , say 25% for £50,000, live there with your mum & then share the remaining 75% with your sister upon your mum's death, taking out a mortgage on the whole property to pay off her 37.5%? That would leave you £25k for improvements. You might need to have an agreement about this giving you an additional 10% stake perhaps. Then you & your mum have a home, your mum has £50k & you & your sister inherit later.

If you do anything, make sure it is all agreed and signed so that there is no dispute on your mum's death - nothing like money to cause a rift in a family.

Good luck :) 

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