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rhys l

Kitchen Fitting

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Hi all,

I’m wondering what kind of prices people have paid to have a kitchen fitted? I have two properties that are needing a refresh. Both rooms are in good condition plaster wise, and all the plumbing and electrics are there and fine. I’ve found the kitchens I want which come flat packed from Wickes, so I guess the labour would be building and installing around 8 units each, the work tops and tiling a couple of feet up from the worktops. 

Mid anyone could share their experiences on the cost of this that would be great. I’m in Yorkshire.

TIA :-)

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Hi Rhys,

Hope you are ok.

I do fit kitchens myself and depending on the kitchen, eg what kind of worktop, how many corners there is, weather it’s flat packed or pre built and what kind of/how many appliances there is, I charged between £500 and £950.

Have you had many prices as of yet? What part of Yorkshire do you live in?


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Hi Jase,

Thanks very much for your reply! Those sort of figures are exactly what I had in mind so that’s great. I’m not sure on the exact details/measurements as I’ve only ever been in each house once so I’m starting to work things out from the agents photos! I haven’t had any prices, I’m not quite there yet, I’m just getting an idea as part of a bigger program of refurbishment! 


Thanks again


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On 8/21/2019 at 11:17 PM, emma jayne said:

Hi Jase, what part of Yorkshire you in? I'm near halifax, not ready for a kitchen yet but might be in a few months! 



im currently in Lincolnshire very close to Doncaster. I would say about an hour away from Halifax. Just let me know if and when and I can certainly give you a good price.


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