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Dust masks and stripping lead paint - recommendations?

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7 minutes ago, emma jayne said:

Hi, about to renovate an old house and will have had rewirwcso lots of rubble dust - plus stripping layers of lead paint off . Any recommendations on a comfortable dust mask - I get a bit claustrophobic in those things! 




I do recommend the 3m reusable half face dust mask. Search it in google, think screw fix do them. They are a little heavier then the disposable ones but has a great(low) breathing resistance. They’re even specific ones for paints, solvents resins, varnishes and adhesives.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Emma 

I personally use the JSP force 8 mask with the P3 filters. I find this fits pretty well without steaming up my glasses. You should make sure the mask is suitable for your needs, I've not checked if it's suitable for stripping lead based paint. 

Dust wise keep the doors and windows wide open to clear it quickly, my friend has a fan with some flexible ducting to remove dust from source. I was surprised at how well this worked. 

Good luck 


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