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Transferring equity before doing let to buy

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Dear Hubbers,
I am planning to buy a bigger residential property and most probably will be letting the current one, essentially doing a let to buy. The current property is in my sole name.
If I am not wrong, there is no stamp duty to pay if transferring equity to a spouse. 

- What is the best time to transfer xx% to my spouse. This is to utilize future capital gains allowance and also save income tax on rental income as spouse is on basic tax rate.
- Do we end up paying additional stamp duty, if transfer happens after the let-to-buy is done? Please note, both of us own other properties.

Appreciate your thoughts

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I am not really an accountant, so I am not fully up to date and you should check with someone in the know. My understanding is that :

- You can use a Deed of Trust, which can make your wife a beneficiary of the property you own, and thereby utilizing her capital gains allowance.

- But the effectiveness of doing so will also depend on if you fully own the property or if there is an outstanding mortgage. If there is an outstanding mortgage, you will need to contact your bank regarding the transfer - and not that stamp duty might be incurred. 

-If you are a higher tax band than your wife / your wife has unutilized tax allowance, looking at the wider situation, there could be benefits to transfer to the wife

-If you both already own property, you will incurr additional stamp duty on further properties purchased, 

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