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Student HMO's in Salford?

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I’m looking to add to my student HMO portfolio & after a few non starters in the area I usually invest for various reasons (N Wales). I’m interested in looking at some HMO's in Salford. I’m pretty nervous about investing in a new area I know little about…for obvious reasons.

Budget is around £190k and usually try to get a minimum yield of 9%. Will be looking to buy something already running as a HMO.

My questions are:

  1. Is a 9% yield and purchase price of around £190k achievable in Salford?
  2. Can someone recommend which areas are the most popular with students?
  3. Does Salford uni have its own student accommodation website that private landlords can advertise on?

  4. Any pointers or info on what planning & licencing practices are in the area?
  5. What the weekly going rate inc bills for an average non on suite double room?


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