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Flat or shared house? Newbie area advice

robin i

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Hi people!  I would love some advice from anyone who has experience in letting shared houses to students or young professionals.  I currently let a flat in Manchester and am thinking of selling it and using the money as a deposit for one or two shared houses with the intention of increasing my property income.  The flat should generate around 160k and I’m aiming for houses that are already going concerns, ideally already rented out, rather than any that need work on (just cos I have zero experience on doing improvements).  Manchester looks pretty much out of my price range so I’ve been looking at Liverpool but would be open to other suggestions for the right property.  I’d be really grateful if anyone could give me any pointers!

One concern that I have is that the shared house market might be on the wane with the rise of purpose built blocks of flats for student/young professionals.  What are other people’s opinions on this?



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