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UK Citizen residing in USA - Securing a UK Mortgage?

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Hi All, 

I am a UK citizen currently residing in the USA for the foreseeable future, I am an avid listener of the podcast and aim on securing my first property before the year is out. 

As I intend on placing a 25% deposit down and securing the remaining balance via mortgage from a UK lender, I am curious to understand what barriers I may face and what to be aware of when going through this process due to my circumstance. 

Any help is very much appreciated. 




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Hi Callum

It's a straight foward process to get an Expat BTL mortgage for a UK property.

There are hoops you herd to jump through such as ...

Your age, income, property purchase or remortgage price, property market rent, leasehold and title issues, surveyors comments etc etc.

I have a broker that arranges these financial products day in, day out.

Would you like to be introduced?


Find me here ^^

Or conrad.paton@nu-move.co.uk

Or +44 7957 959851

Hope this helps


Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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