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paddy horsington

Nottingham Landlord Licence

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Please could someone help me with the following; I have just bought a 2 bed flat in Nottingham (Bestwood) and wondered if someone could tell me the best way to sign up to the landlord licensing scheme?

I have found that there is a discount if you sign up to 'dash'. I wondered if anyone had found this a good a service?

Or is it just a case of biting the bullet and paying the full amount?

Thanks in advance.


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To sign up you go to the Nottingham City Council site and look for the Property Licensing Banner. This will take you through the process.

I signed up with DASH before the licensing scheme went live. it used to be free but now has a cost & the standards required go above & beyond the licensing requirements -  eg you will need 5 yearly electrical inspections to qualify. its up to you whether you think it is worth it.

Although the licensing scheme has been mandatory for 14 months I have yet to receive my licences so don't expect a quick result.

Good Luck :) 

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Just to echo Julia's reply and add that DASH is rarely worth the additional work including study and tests (and now cost) unless you have a portfolio that is subject to licencing and so get some economies of scale.

The council application process is a long winded one with lots of optional sections and questions that are unlikely to apply to please give yourself plenty of time and mental head space to get through it to the bitter end.  It has lend many of my landlords to cry for help and nearly give up in despair. As an obstacle to investing in Nottingham City it certainly sets the bar higher than other places!

Well done @paddy horsington for being aware of the scheme since many landlords are still not and I still get offered properties from landlords that don't want the bother!  My portfolio neighbours Bestwood and I live nearby so if I can help further please do not hesitate to send me a PM.

Jonathan Challis
W: BespokeNPS.co.uk
Eventbrite: Nottingham Property Circle
Share - Learn - Build


The Nottingham Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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