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sol teib

raising damp

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Peter Cox, or Sealability, or Timberwise; but I’d only go to them to tell them what I want, not asking what’s wrong. 

It’s sensible to ask different people what’s wrong, from asking, how can I fix this and much it is to fix; I’d suggest seekIng survey/specification by surveyor or arch tech to confirm it is rising damp. 

Cost varies by solution, replaster in a renovating plaster (thing expensive plaster work), or a proprietary system (eg, Sika, a very expensive plaster) or drained cavity (costs of a stud wall +), all escalate in cost and disruption (disruption bringing further reinstatement). But it may just be a blocked drain, defective rainwater goods, where fixing the cause is far more preferable than treating a symptom. 

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