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Hampshire accountants

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Hi all

With TPH Tax currently oversubscribed (I'm on the waiting list and in no particular rush, but don't know how long the list is...) does anyone have any particular recommendations for good accountants in the Hampshire or Surrey areas?

I think I'm right in believing that an accountant is the first relationship I should be looking to put in place? My intention is to set up an SVP and slowly grow a BTL portfolio over many years.

Many thanks!


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Hi Mark,

I would personally start with a great Mortage Broker then a great Accountant. But either way round should be fine :)

From experience I would say you need someone who you can pick up the phone to discuss your issues relatively quickly. Whether this is a broker or accountant.

Waiting around, setting up meetings with receptionists, waiting around, refreshing your emails etc doesnt get the deal done.

Sometimes you have to move fast and to be able to make a decision fast. You are operating in an open market after all.

Of course you want the correct advise that's your number one priority, speed is the second and costs or fees and fancy offices shuffle down the list.

Hope this helps. I'm based in Surrey, J6 M25 maybe I can chat to my accountant and see if he can help you aswell?

I know my broker can help you.

After those 2 is getting a conveyancer same criteria as above, but they must be on your chosen lenders panel.


Find me here ^^



Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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