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Where are the best rates at the moment? Virgin Money seem to be coming up with good rates. I am working on a property value of £220,000. Mortgage of £120,000 and Rental income of £850 pcm.

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The best rate is not what comes up on the top of a table on a random website and not the same for you as for your best friend or colleague...

It depends on the actual property (not just its value, the mortgage amount and the rental income, but whether it's an ex-council one, new build/older, its lease length, location, etc.), your income situation, your credit history, your property portfolio, etc. etc. etc.

All of this will influence which lenders you could get a mortgage from, so I agree with Dennis, speaking to a broker is your best bet.


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Hi Richard

Virgin Money are fine but lowest market rates, for personal name 2 year fixes is a contest between TMW, Barclays, Natwest. Though not the same contenders for best "True Cost" over the two years, given fees, cashback, etc..

Your best route to get the best mortgage, rather than "best headline rates" is to talk to a Specialist BTL Mortgage Adviser. 

That becomes more true when you look at the surrounding criteria if that is the Property, Tenants or Yourself. Often the leading mortgage products are not available for all circumstances.

As lilla suggest the current bread of online comparison sites, are dreadful.

:wub: Get Mortgage Advice from my Team at Bespoke Finance on 08009202001 or email hello@bespokefinance.info 
Please don't take my messages on Property Hub as Personal Financial Advice, just a rambling guy passing time on a Coffee Break.

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