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First-time buyer expat looking to BTL- ltd or not?

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Hi everybody!

My husband and I are looking to get a BTL in Scotland (we have some contacts there). We're not homeowners and are wondering what's the best to do, buying through a joint personal mortgage or through a limited company. Our mortgage broker said that possibilities are very limited for us buying through a ltd, plus interest rate will be higher. 

Our idea is to build a small portfolio. Would it make sense to start with one property on a joint personal mortgage and see how things go? It looks that is more expensive to start with a limited company. I guess the problem would be that later we would have to sell this property to our limited company if we change mind in the future.

Any advice from your side?

Any recommendation for an accountant in London for a 1off consultation? What's a fair price for this kind of consultation?

Thanks in advance to everybody!


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On 1/19/2020 at 2:11 PM, caroline jones said:

If you're buying in Scotland, I'd speak to a Scottish accountant, the tax laws are different.  1% extra on Additional Dwelling Supplement for starters.

Thank you for the advice Caroline! I’m thinking about it because the following property might not be in Scotland. Do you think it would get too complicated?

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