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regina phalange

Temporary replacement whilst fixing non essential items

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A blind in one of the bedrooms of a flat I rent has fallen down and needs to be refitted. The tenant attempted to fix this herself and created holes in the walls which I have had to plaster over. This is despite being told not to under take repairs herself and to inform me. The entire building is having its windows replaced in Feb and the dimensions of said windows will change. I want to refit the blind once the windows are installed to avoid any further damage to walls. The tenant is demanding temporary stick on blinds until then. Seeing as it’s such a short time period, am I obliged to provide it?

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Quick question.

Why does replacing the windows alter the size of the blind or other window dressing?

The window reveal will stay the same size surely?


On 1/27/2020 at 4:21 PM, julia urquhart said:

Would you want to sleep in a room without a blind? Whilst it may not be a long wait I think the tenant is not being unreasonable. Can you do some sort of temporary fix?

This ∆∆ makes perfect sense to me.


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