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Hello everyone from a newbie investor

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Hi everyone 

My name is Boretene. I live in London but I'm looking to invest in buy-to-let properties in the Midlands. Any suggestion of good areas will be highly appreciated. 

Also, I booked to attend a free property training course this Saturday but my research on the Internet (and of course this forum) seem to suggest that it is only a bait to entice one to enrol on their paid courses. 

What will you advice, should I still go or instead use my time for other things? 

Thanking you in advance for your advice, help and support 


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Welcome boretene! If would be better to use your time going though the free resources in the comfort of your house as you are getting started. You could even set up your goals by the end of the day!

I would suggest you start with the free resources on https://propertyhub.net/education/ and the Getting Started section on https://www.propertygeek.net/

I would recommand the audiobook The complete guide to property investment by Rob Dix and it will leave you with many thoughts on strategies and avenues you can explore while you are starting your journey.

Good luck!

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