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Evicting a tenant for not paying rent and damaging the property

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Hi everyone

I have an issue with a tenant who has not been paying rent and has damaged the property. He was on a rolling contract.
He moved into the property in 2014 and paid rent up until December 2019 and has just stopped. He has promised to pay several times but has not and now has stopped answering my calls. I agreed to a slow payment plan that he asked for but there is still no payment.
I gave him the section 8 and 21 notice one week ago. What is the process of evicting a tenant after this and what are the costs involved? Is there a way of getting my money back for the rent and for repairing the property?
Has anyone managed to sort this issue without going to court? I understand he may be in financial hardship but I can not work with him if he does not answer my calls anymore and I can't afford him not paying rent for much longer. I didn't get insurance for this unfortunately.

I am aware of the 3 month no eviction rule during the coronavirus pandemic but I am just looking for some advice of what to do afterwards.

Many thanks

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