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I am quite new to property investment and would love some advice on how to get started. I'm 22 and haven't got much money so I wanted to start off with deal sourcing to build up some funds. Also I wanted to get into Rent -to-Rents and Lease Option Agreements, but am I unsure how to get a landlord to trust me with their property. What would you suggest and are there maybe any other ways that I haven't listed. I'm willing to research many different methods and start acting them out. Both generic and specific advice is very much appreciated. 


Michael A

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I think you will find it difficult to sell your services to anyone in the business when you have no actual experience.

I think you need to find paid work and save like mad to get a deposit together - working in an estate agent might be a good way to learn the business. Then buy your first property and keep learning. Property is a long term business and it will take you some time to get really involved.

Good luck :) 

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Hi Michael, I agree you need to build knowledge up over time before any professional investor will give you credibility.  Another idea that may help would be to look at becoming a Viewber agent - google it. Paid work and gets you visiting lots of properties and speaking to lots of estate agents....good luck. Cheers Matt

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