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Rent Guarantee Insurance Suspended

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I have received an email from Surewise to inform me that 'due to the extraordinary situation that is developing' they will not be renewing my Rent Guarantee Insurance. Does anyone know if the Government have put in place any policies to safeguard landlords in the eventuality that their tenants are unable to pay their rent?  I know about the mortgage 'holiday' that I can apply for but is there anything else that I should know about?

Many thanks


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This is comical. So “thanks for paying your premium all these years and not making a claim but now that the going might get a bit tough we’re not interested”. I’d be furious. 

The mortgage holiday and your tenants getting 80% of their income paid will hopefully be enough to keep the rent coming in. If not work with your tenants to find a solution but check they’re not lying about their circumstances. 

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