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Deal Sourcing Company Set Up.

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Hi Guys, 


I am really interested in becoming a deal sourcer/packager but need help setting up a company in order to do so. What are the next steps after registering your limited company? (joining a redress scheme, insurance, etc.) I would really appreciate some help and guidance. 

Thanks Callum

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Hi  Callum

Have you received any training on sourcing? You ll need indemnity insurance, ICO,  and AML from HMRC. And that s you legally ready to go. However you might need T&C drafted by a solicitor just to protect you and to be clear with you re customers. 


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Hi Callum,

The above is the minimum however you'll find a lot of investors won't work with someone who isn't part of a redress scheme.
For the sake of £350 is it worth not joining ?

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This is very helpful as this is the first strategy I’m looking at in order to get cash flow into the business.

Good luck with setting up. I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. I’ve set up the company and have public liability and indemnity insurance. The company is dormant whilst I get the GDPR and AML and ombudsman sorted. Thanks guys.

how do you present the deal to the investor, is it a physical file with all research or is there spreadsheet formats etc?

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