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Good afternoon all,

With all that is/or isn't happening during lock down I'd like to offer some free help.

I'm a self employed project controls engineer which involves detailed project management plans and reporting. This involves building logic based gantt charts, critical paths, manning graphs, cost reports etc. Basically I like planning software and excel far too much!

If your current systems would require a second opinion I'm happy to help?  I can provide some advice / templates that could improve your current setup.

Give me a shout and we can discuss.

Stay safe,


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Hi Chris

Thanks for the kind offer, I'd really like a bit of advice. Looking to do a full Reno on a 2bed flat and don't know where to start in terms of finding a PM versus doing it myself, hiring contractors etc. As its not nearby, I can't ask my usual builder/handyman to take a look at it, and Ive never had to do a complete property overhaul before.

Do you have an email address/phone number I can contact you on?

Best wishes


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